The French Play 2009-10

'Le Barbier de Séville' by Beaumarchais

Voici le résumé de l'intrigue que donne Beaumarchais: 'Un vieillard amoureux prétend épouser demain sa pupille; un jeune amant plus adroit le prévient, et ce jour même en fait sa femme, à la barbe et dans la maison du tuteur'.
Mais entre-temps, que de péripéties, et quelles chansons, quels déguisements, quelle joie de vivre, quelle verve, et quel esprit acéré (ce qui convient bien à un barbier!).

Beaumarchais sums up the plot of the play: 'An old man in love with his young ward intends to marry her the next day, but is prevented from doing so by her younger, more skilful lover who makes her his wife that very day in the house and under the nose of her guardian'.
But between times, what twists and turns, and what songs, what disguises, what exuberance, what eloquence, and what razor wit (so fitting for a barber!).

Performances: Wed 17th Feb, Thurs 18th Feb, and Fri 19th Feb, 2010, 7.30pm at the University Drama Studio, Shearwood Road, Sheffield. Tickets available on the door, or on sale in the Union Space, Ground Floor, Jessop West in the week before and during the performances. For further information and tickets, contact David McCallam ( or Julia Dobson (

Price: £5 (£3.50 concessions)

The directors are: Julia Dobson, David McCallam and David Walker.

email : the directors

About the auditions

On tour in Oxford.
The Sheffield French Play for 2010, Beaumarchais's witty and exuberant 'Le Barbier de Séville', is to have a one-off performance in Oxford on Tuesday 23rd February at 6pm in the Taylor Hall, Taylor Institution, St Giles, Oxford. The performance is hosted by the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Oxford, and the Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment. With particular thanks to Dr Kate Tunstall of Worcester College, Oxford, for facilitating this event.

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