Karine Zbinden and Tzvetan Todorov

Dr Karine Zbinden (French Studies) and Professor Henk de Berg (Germanic Studies) secured an exclusive interview with renowned French thinker and public intellectual Tzvetan Todorov. Todorov, who received Zbinden and de Berg in his Paris home, has worked extensively on issues of memory, history and the Enlightenment. He is also the author of many books and essays in the broad area of literary and cultural studies.

Karine Zbinden, Senior French Lectrice, has worked extensively on Todorov, having organised two international conferences (2004 and 2015) at the University of Sheffield and published several articles and edited two special issues. She contributes to the MA in French Studies, in particular on Todorov’s definition of the role of the intellectual and his work on the Second World War. She is currently preparing a collective volume on Todorov’s thought with de Berg and is working on a monograph on Todorov’s thought.

The full French-language interview, which was conducted in Paris in March 2016, can be viewed here.