MA Crossways in Cultural Narratives (Mundus)

The MA in Crossways in Cultural Narratives offers a programme of European languages, cultures and literatures, and is provided by a consortium of European and overseas universities.

The programme lasts two years. You choose three universities, including Sheffield: you spend your first semester at University A, your second and third semesters at University B (your 'Home University'), and your fourth semester at University C. You can select Sheffield as University A, B or C. Your other two universities are chosen from the following: Perpignan (France), Bergamo (Italy), New Lisbon (Portugal), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Poznan (Poland), Guelph (Canada), Entre Rios (Argentina), Iberoamericana (Mexico). You cannot study at both Sheffield and the other UK member of the Crossways consortium, St Andrews.

This programme has been designed by integrating the modules of a number of existing Masters programmes in literature and cultural studies at all the member universities of our international consortium.

We will fully support you in your choice of institution and modules. Please contact the Sheffield Coordinators Dr Sophie Watt or Dr David McCallum or our programme administrator, Caroline Wordley  if you need advice or further information.

This programme is an exciting opportunity to obtain a prestigious, EU-funded or -supported Masters qualification, with a period of study abroad.

As a student of this MA, you are eligible to compete for fee-waivers, University scholarships and AHRC funding. Erasmus mobility funding is also available to support you when you move to your second or third university, if this is within the EU.

The programme:

• is international in its recruitment base, as well as open to UK and other EU graduates
• offers about a dozen scholarships per year of ca. £12,000 to both EU and non-EU nationals
• provides Erasmus mobility funding for suitably qualified EU nationals
• involves mobility within Europe and study at three European and/or non-European (S. or N. American) Universities: Perpignan (France), Bergamo (Italy), New Lisbon (Portugal), Sheffield (England), St Andrews (Scotland), Santiago (Spain), Poznan (Poland), Guelph (Canada), Entre Rios (Argentina), Iberoamericana (Mexico)
• allows students to compose an integrated personalised study programme from tried and tested elements of existing programmes, now made available in combination by these Universities
• prepares students to undertake PhD research
• will qualify students for leadership roles in a variety of Europe-oriented occupations

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