Centre for Gender Studies

About the Centre

The Centre brings together researchers within the University working in the field of Gender Studies, broadly defined. It encompasses work on gender issues in the European context, ranging from specific interests in particular European states through to questions of European integration, citizenship and cultures, and includes research which is both theoretical and empirical in focus.

European experience throws up wider possible variations of gender relations in power and in every day experiences as well as in the pursuit of and contribution to knowledge. The transnational dimensions of the European experience can be seen in the activities of the Centre.

We started off on a local base with a two-day White Rose Colloquium in June 1999 which facilitated other projects. Since then we have held workshops, seminars and international conferences involving fellow researchers from other universities in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Beyond providing a forum for the exchange of ideas between researchers, the Centre aims:

  • to facilitate interdisciplinary research projects involving social science/humanities collaboration
  • to establish a European network of cross-national research collaboration involving Sheffield and other European universities and institutions
  • to foster postgraduate research in European gender studies

Centre for Gender Studies