Resources and Collections

Students and staff in French have access to a number of important central resources as well as our own research collection.

Western Bank Library

The French section holds a substantial collection of Francophone bandes dessinées (comics) dating from the 1930s to date, comprising, in particular, a complete collection of the seminal French publication Pilote.

Western Bank Library holds over 1.2 million items, with collections built up carefully and systematically over the years to ensure the provision of important books and major periodicals in all the main areas of French studies.

The Information Commons

The Information Commons contains a whole range of study experiences within a single spectacular building.  The Library is open 24/7.

Students of French will find the Information Commons generously stocked with key reference works including up-to-date dictionaries, grammar manuals and studies of modern and contemporary France and other Francophone countries.

Modern Languages Teaching Centre Resources

The MLTC organises Tandem Learning between Sheffield students and overseas students participating in exchange programmes with the University of Sheffield. Students of French can team up with French exchange students and brush up their language skills while helping their partners to improve their English.

French Comics Archive

The collection comprises thousands of bande dessinée strips produced by some of the medium´s most famous and celebrated scénaristes and dessinateurs.

In addition to magazines and albums spanning a period of over sixty years of production – the period during which bande dessinée underwent a profound thematic and graphic evolution – the archive includes hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles about bande dessinée together with articles reproduced from academic journals from the immediate post-war to date.

There are also reproductions of bande dessinée from numerous radical and rare magazines from the 1950s through to the mid 1970s. The comics resource is the only one of its kind in the UK.

The link below takes you to the website of the International Bande Dessinée Society (IBDS). Once there, click on Archives to access the Sheffield Comics Archive.