OPEN TO ALL (HEAR – accredited for students)

Semester 2

February 9th 2016, 5-6.30 Richard Roberts Building B81

Dr Caroline Ardrey (Sheffield)
‘Stéphane Mallarmé: Periodicals, Poetics and Performativity'.

March 15th 2016, 5-6.30 Richard Roberts Building B81

Dr Roland Racevskis (Iowa)
‘« pas un homme, mais possible quelque espèce d'autruche »: Questioning Human Identity in Cyrano de Bergerac's Science Fiction (1657)’

April 12th 2016, 5-6.30 Richard Roberts Building B81

Dr Nadia Kirwan (Aberdeen)
‘Public intellectuals as cultural translators: the case of Abdennour Bidar’

April 26th 2016, 5- 6.30 Richard Roberts Building B81

Dr Charlotte Baker (Lancaster) ‘
The Francophone African dictator novel’

Thursday May 12th 2016, 5-6.30 joint seminar with SCRIF Jessop West G.03

Dr Julia Dobson (Sheffield)
‘Girl / hood: spaces of negotiation and performance in Sciamma’s Bande de filles ((Girlhood), 2014)’

Tuesday May 24th, 5-6.30 Hicks seminar room F24

Postgraduate work in progress

Semester 1

Tuesday Nov 17th 5.30 - 7pm  Richard Roberts Building B81

Dr Lindsey Dodd (Huddersfield):  ‘Researching children’s participation in Vichy’s National Revolution: citizens, Pétainists and ethical conundrums’.

Tuesday December 1st, 5-6.30 pm Richard Roberts Building B81

Dr Marine Ganofsky (St Andrews) ‘Libertine nocturnes: night, spontaneity, and the libertine art of love’.

Monday December 14th 4-6pm Jessop West G.03

Postgraduate Research in Progress.