Research projects


French is in the front rank of research activity as measured by the award of substantial project grants from WRoCAH, White Rose College of Arts and Humanities and its forerunner, the AHRC and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Recent projects

We have hosted a number of important externally-funded research projects in recent years. Foremost among the projects achieving international research excellence and prestigious awards are:

The Gide Project

Making works by Nobel-Prize-winning author André Gide(1869-1951) available in printed or electronic form.

The Online Froissart

An AHRC Resource Enhancement project offering scholars 100+ transcriptions from manuscript witnesses of the Chronicles, a collation tool, search engine, essays, translation into English of selected chapters, and direct link to the online Dictionnaire du Moyen Français.

The Partonopeus Project (external website)

An electronic edition of all the manuscripts of the anonymous 12th-century romance Partonopeus de Blois.

Stars Project

An archive database devoted to the stars of French cinema.

Artist in residence: Nicolas Moulin

The residency of critically-acclaimed French artist Nicolas Moulin explored the intersections between the visual arts, urban and public spaces.