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The Department of French is the home of the André Gide Editions Project, which has received substantial funding from the British Academy and the Arts and Humanities Research Board enabling it to fulfil its aim of making available, in electronic as well as conventional editions, major texts by and related to André Gide.

André Gide (1869-1951) was a Nobel-Prize-winning author who created novels that probe the nature of the human personality, the interaction between psychology and ethics in human behaviour, and the problems that stem from what Gide calls 'the rivalry between the real world and the representations we make of it'.

The Director of the Gide project is Professor David Walker. His collaborator and Consultant Director for the project's first undertaking was Professor Alain Goulet, of the University of Caen in France, who is also Honorary Research Professor in the Department of French at Sheffield.

Dr Pascal Mercier, British Academy Institutional Research Fellow and Lecturer in French at the University of Sheffield, worked in conjunction with Professor Walker and Professor Goulet on compiling a CD-Rom version of Gide's novel Les Caves du Vatican.

Electronic Edition of Les Caves du Vatican

Gide Press Archive Project

Following our initial success, with further funding from the AHRB and subsequently from the MHRA we were joined by Dr Wendy Michallat and Dr Tom Reisen, and then by Jason Hartford, and embarked on an on-line compilation of Gide's personal archive of press cuttings, the 'Gidiana Archives Project'.

Gidiana Archives Project

'Le Ramier' - An unpublished manuscript re-discovered

Le Ramier

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