Student COVID-19 Support Fund

If you're facing additional costs because of the COVID-19 pandemic you can apply for support from the University. All registered students are eligible to apply.

The Diamond

Support for those travelling from overseas

We are pleased to confirm that the following financial support is available to enable new and continuing students to travel to the University of Sheffield for the first time for the start of the 2021/22 academic year. This support is for new and continuing students whose permanent residence is in a country or territory on the UK government’s green, amber or red list.

Country list Financial support available
Green We will refund up to £85 of the cost of the mandatory Covid-19 test you are required to take after arriving in the UK.

We will refund up to £149 of the cost of the mandatory Covid-19 tests you are required to take after arriving in the UK.

Plus for those who have an accommodation contract for University owned/managed accommodation for 2021-22:

  • We will provide two weeks’ free accommodation for you to self-isolate in University accommodation.
  • We will provide basic essentials (food, bedding and cooking equipment) for the duration of your required self-isolation in University accommodation.

Further information about the free quarantine accommodation available in University accommodation.

Red We will refund the £1,750 cost of the mandatory managed hotel quarantine. For bookings made on or after 4am on 12 August 2021 we will reimburse the increased £2,285 cost. This cost includes the mandatory Covid-19 tests you are required to take after arriving in the UK and food for the duration of the managed hotel quarantine.

How to apply

1. If you are travelling to Sheffield from overseas what you will need to do depends on where you have been during the 10 days before you arrive. Please use the links above to book an appropriate test or quarantine hotel, as per the UK government's guidelines (link above).

Before submitting an application you should familiarise yourself with the information on this web page - including the 'Terms and conditions' box below. 

2. Once you have booked your test/s or quarantine hotel you can submit an application to receive a refund from us. Within the application you must attach proof that you have paid for your test/s or quarantine hotel. We will not be able to process your application without this evidence. 

Students booking a quarantine hotel should attach the 'Passenger Locator Form Invoice' or 'Invoice' from CTM confirming your payment - you will receive this when making your booking.

Apply for the Covid-19 Travel Support Fund now

3. When you arrive in Sheffield and become fully registered we will process your application.

4. We will email you to confirm that your application has been processed. You should then receive payment into your UK bank account within 10 working days of the outcome email, subject to you providing your bank details through MUSE (the University's student portal). 

If you have any questions about this process or the support available please email

Should the UK government amend their guidance and requirements, we reserve the right to review our support package. Our policy is based on the UK government requirements for testing and quarantine and the red/amber/green lists as at 8 August 2021. Countries added to the red list after this date will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Terms and conditions

  • You will need to be fully registered to receive the refund.
  • Students who have booked a quarantine hotel but are no longer required to use it should apply for a refund from CTM.
  • The support covers costs incurred by those who travel to Sheffield for the start of their programme in the 2021/22 academic year.
  • Current students will need to evidence that they left the UK prior to 1 July 2021 or are travelling here for the first time to be eligible to apply.
  • Financial support for testing and quarantine is only available for those whose permanent residence is not in the UK or those who have been required to travel overseas as a mandatory part of their course in the 2020/21 academic year. 
  • Refunds will be made electronically to a UK bank account. Cash or cheque refunds are not available. 
  • Support for tests and quarantining only covers those costs incurred for new and returning students travelling from overseas for the first time, not any family members who may be travelling with them.
  • The University will only cover testing and hotel quarantine costs once per academic year. If you leave the UK during the 2021/22 academic year, you may require a further period of quarantine or testing when you return. The University will not be able to provide support to you for any additional periods of quarantine. 
  • The University will not reimburse the cost of the 'Test and Release' scheme.
  • Complete claims (including evidence) must be submitted within two months of the day you arrive in the UK/your first day in the quarantine hotel. 
  • Visiting/exchange students are not eligible to have their quarantine hotel or testing costs covered.
  • Only the cost of testing or the quarantine hotel in the UK will be covered. Any pre-departure or transit tests/quarantine costs or additional travel costs will not be covered.  


Student Covid-19 Support Fund

The Student Covid-19 Support Fund for current students is now closed. This information is for reference only.


To apply for and receive funds you must meet the three criteria listed below:

  • Be fully registered.
  • Facing additional costs or a significant reduction in income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Submit a complete application (including any required evidence) ahead of the scheme's deadline.

Please also check the 'Points to note' box below before submitting an application. 

Examples of what can be supported: Private COVID-19 tests required for travel where you have been invited back to campus, increase in costs due to periods of self isolation, increased utility bills due to working from home, significant losses of income because of the pandemic, if you’re paying for accommodation in more than one location because of the pandemic

Examples of what cannot be supported: accommodation costs, tuition fees, expected living costs (food, travel to and from University), cash awards towards newly purchased (bought since 1 December 2020) laptops/desktops/tablets, payment of fines for breaching Covid-19 rules or other laws, increased travel costs where you have not been invited back for face to face teaching by your department, increased costs where you have chosen to travel home during a term time or vacation period (the exception to this is if you are a final year student travelling home after completing your course).   

Resit fees

Resit fees will be waived for students with result outcomes of Fail (F) or Not Completed (NC) in the current 2020/21 academic year. This includes where the resit is undertaken during the current or a future academic year.

Students who have a failed or not completed assessment in the current 2020/21 academic year and have paid will be automatically refunded. Resits arising from Autumn or Spring results will not be charged. You do not need to take any action to receive the refund, we will be in touch about it soon.

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

If you are facing a significant reduction in income or increased costs because of the Covid-19 pandemic you are welcome to apply for Financial Support, the University's non-repayable support fund. Details of how to do this can be found on the webpage below. 

The information below applies to registered students who have already submitted an application. If we have contacted you to request evidence you will need to provide this before the deadline stated in our email to you or before the end of August for your application to be considered.  

1. To apply for support you'll need to complete the application form below before Monday 9 August 2021. 

You should attach evidence to the online form to confirm your circumstances. This can be submitted as a screenshot, a PDF or a photograph of a computer screen. Increased costs or loss of income can only be considered from this academic year. 

If you need to submit a second application or provide further information please email us (contact details are at the bottom of this page).

Applications are now closed

The deadline to submit a new application and any required evidence was 9am on Monday 9 August.

Please ensure you attach suitable evidence to your application form to confirm your circumstances. We will not be able to process your claim without it. Please note that the evidence we need will depend on your circumstances.

We recommend contacting us before purchasing any items for confirmation that it can be reimbursed. 

Examples of evidence you may include (please note that these are examples and you may be asked for other evidence not listed below):

Re-arranged travel costs
  • Booking confirmation - showing the total cost, travel details and your name
  • Cancelled travel tickets
  • Re-booking fees
Significant loss of earnings
  • Example of a previous wage slips (minimum 3)
  • Confirmation from your employer that your hours have been reduced
  • Bank statements showing a regular wage being paid in
Private Coronavirus test for travel
  • Confirmation of the test booking and the cost
If you’re paying for accommodation in more than one location
  • 3 most recent bank statements - these should confirm that you are paying rent or board for more than one property where applicable
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Confirmation that your landlord/accommodation will not be providing you with a rent refund or rebate
Increased utility costs
  • A bill or statement from your utility provider (gas, electricity, water) which includes your name or an address that is listed on your student record. 
Other additional costs
  • Increase in food costs, for example, if you are having to pay food delivery charges whilst self isolating
  • Receipts or bank statements showing how much you have spent on any additional costs for example office furniture or IT connectivity hardware (e.g. wifi booster).

2. You'll be notified of the outcome of your application within 10 working days of submitting the form and all required evidence. 

3. Successful applications will receive support within 5 working days of your outcome email. 

If you have any questions about the process or evidence required please contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

If you are facing any unexpected additional costs or costs that relate to childcare, caring responsibilities or a disability please apply for Financial Support.  

Points to note

  • Awards are a contribution to costs and will not necessarily cover all of your financial needs. Some areas of support are capped to ensure all students have an opportunity to apply. 
  • Depending on your circumstances and the number of applications you submit the total award you receive may be capped. 
  • The minimum claim/award is £10.
  • Awards and reimbursements will only cover the cost of standard travel.
  • Awards may be calculated using reasonable living costs - this is based on annual amounts used by the Department for Work and Pensions called Composite Living Costs. 
  • Applications that need further information may be referred to the Financial Support application so that a more thorough assessment can be completed. 
  • This fund cannot be used towards tuition fees.
  • The Students' Union are currently campaigning for a rent rebate for students living in privately rented accommodation. You cannot apply for a rent rebate from these funds. 
  • Applications are treated with the utmost confidentiality and will never be shared with your department, unless you give us permission or ask us to do so. 
  • Visiting students should apply to their home university for financial help in the first instance.
  • Support for increased travel costs (testing, quarantine hotels etc) will only be provided for students who have been invited back to campus and have exceptional circumstances that have meant they needed to travel overseas. 
  • Additional costs to travel home during your course can not be covered. 
  • Additional costs to travel to the UK (quarantine/testing) will only be covered once per student.
  • Students applying for support for a test as part of the Test and Release scheme must use one of the approved providers.
  • As restrictions begin to ease it is expected that students will make use of the facilities available on campus. 
  • The Student Support and Guidance helpdesk is currently closed, application forms and evidence must be submitted electronically until further notice. If you cannot do this please contact us (details below).
  • Processing and response times may be delayed because of University closure days and Bank Holidays. 
  • Further evidence may be required if you are applying for support outside of term time.
  • Awards paid into overseas bank accounts may be subject to exchange rate fluctuations and additional charges.
  • Final year undergraduate students will need to submit a full application (including any required evidence) before 16 July 2021 for a claim to be considered.
  • Students who receive support for increased costs to travel home upon completion of their course will not be eligible to receive any further funds from the Student Covid-19 Support Fund. 

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