Dr Kristina Diprose

School of Geography and Planning

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Dr Kristina Diprose
School of Geography and Planning
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Winter Street
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Kristina Diprose is an interdisciplinary social researcher who has worked in the public and voluntary sectors as well as academia. Her current research focuses on consumer engagement with return and reuse systems for plastic packaging.

She’s previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher on three other projects at the University of Sheffield: - INTERSECTION: Intergenerational Justice, Consumption & Sustainability in Comparative Perspective (AHRC) - Localising the Sustainable Development Goals (Mistra Urban Futures) - Storying Relationships: Young British Muslims Speak and Write About Sex and Love (AHRC)

She has a BA in Childhood, Education & Culture, an MA in Social & Cultural Geography and a PhD from the University of Leeds School of Geography (2010-2015).

Research interests

Environmental social research

A common theme across much of Kristina’s research is everyday contexts and social practices connected with sustainability. Her current research on the BUDDIE-PACK project focuses on consumer engagement with return-reuse, to provide insights on how to promote transitions from single-use to circular economy systems. Past research has focused on lived experiences of climate change at the local urban scale, and local implementation of UN sustainability initiatives. Her research has also engaged with ideas of environmental justice and geographies of responsibility, in particular the spatial and temporal complexities that leave citizens feeling overwhelmed about climate change.

Citizenship and voluntary sector geographies

Kristina’s PhD research focussed on the construction of active and activist citizenship within the youth voluntary sector, and her published MA research explored development education in the context of international youth volunteering. In addition to her academic experience, she has worked in research roles in national charities and retains an interest in the role of the voluntary sector as a civic intermediary.

Creative methods

Kristina also has an interest in the intersection of social research and creative methodologies, having previously worked with community theatre and creative writing as research methods on two large AHRC-funded projects (INTERSECTION and Storying Relationships).



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  • Diprose K, Valentine G, Vanderbeck R, Liu C & McQuaid K (2019) Climate Change, Consumption and Intergenerational Justice: Lived Experiences in China, Uganda and the UK. Bristol: Bristol University Press. RIS download Bibtex download

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Teaching interests

Kristina is interested in teaching around themes of sustainability, climate change, citizenship, voluntary sector geographies, and qualitative research methods. She’s previously supported geography undergraduate teaching at the University of Leeds and taught two KS3 courses for national charity The Brilliant Club - The Anthropocene vs. Deep Time: A journey through Earth’s climate history and Space, Time & Climate Change: Exploring international and intergenerational responsibility.