Geography Seminar Series 2018/19

The first semester of Geography seminars for 2018/19 has been confirmed.

Refreshments will be available beforehand. All are welcome to attend.

Human GeographyHuman Geography Seminars (B8)

Human geography seminars are held on Tuesdays from 1-2pm in B8 in the Geography and Planning Building - unless otherwise indicated.

Physical Geography

Physical Geography Seminars (RJRR)

Physical geography seminars will take place from 1–2pm in the Ron Johnson Research Room in the Geography and Planning Building - unless otherwise indicated.

Physical Geography25th September: Andrew Sole (Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield)

'Spatial variations in winter ice flow recovery in west Greenland and implications for hydro-dynamic coupling in a warming climate' & 'A brief report on the 2018 PAC field class to west Greenland'

Host: Ann Rowan

Human Geography

2nd October: Professor Charles Pattie (Department of Politics), The University of Sheffield)

“It’s a fix... or is it? What does data tell us about changing the UK’s parliamentary boundaries?”

Host: Luke Temple

Physical Geography2nd October: Didier Leibovici (School of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Sheffield)

‘Geospatial Data Analytics: an overview of geo-spatio-temporal analysis from citizen science to Land Surface Modelling’

Host: Grant Bigg

Human Geography15th October: Kevin Boniface

Geography Cafe 5.30-6.30 - Special book launch - Round About Town (available here)

Kevin Boniface is an artist based in Huddersfield. After graduating in art and geography in 1993, he joined the Royal Mail as a postman which has influenced his artwork ever since. Previous publications include Where Are You? (2005) and Lost in the Post (2008).

Host: Richard Phillips

Physical Geography16th October (12pm): Frances Butcher (Open University)

‘Glaciers on Mars: Ice, Meltwater, and Morphological Mysteries’

Host: Ann Rowan

Human Geography23rd October: Dr Sammia Poveda (Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield)

“Can a social enterprise be a place for healing and empowerment? A case study from the Philippines"

Host: Jess Dubow

Physical Geography23rd October: Jeremy Ely (Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield)

‘Reconstruction and numerical model of the last British-Irish ice sheet’

Host: Ann Rowan

Physical Geography30th October: Rebecca Hodge (University of Durham)

‘CT scanning and 3D printing: New approaches to fluvial sediment transport’

Host: Ed Rhodes

Physical Geography6th November: Natasha Barlow (University of Leeds)

‘The ups (and downs?) of interglacial sea level’

Host: Jeremy Ely

Human Geography13th November: Dr Luke Temple (Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield)

“Digital and Electoral Geography - opportunities and challenges”

Physical Geography13th November: Andi Smith (British Geological Survey)

‘Using stable isotopes as tracers of past and present environmental change’

Host: Ann Rowan

Human Geography20th November: Dr Hannah Lewis & Dr Gwyneth Lonergan (Department of Sociological Studies, The University of Sheffield)

“Professionalisation or secularisation? Understanding postsecular faith-based anti-trafficking responses”

Host: David Robinson

Physical Geography20th November: Mel Froude (Department of Geography, The University of Sheffield)

‘Not a natural disaster? Fatal landslides in Nepal and India’

Host: Ann Rowan

Human Geography27th November: Dr Lucy Jackson (Sheffield Methods Institute, The University of Sheffield)

“A visible export? The discomforting narrative of reproductive rights in Northern Ireland"

Host: Dan Hammett

Physical Geography27th November: Wil Ward (Department of Computer Science, The University of Sheffield)

‘Machine Learning in Environmental/Earth Science’

Host: Mel Froude

Human Geography4th December: Dr Eleanor Carter (Government Outcomes Lab, University of Oxford)

“RIP the Work Programme?”

Host: Adam Whitworth

Physical Geography4th December: Hamish Pritchard (British Antarctic Survey)

‘Why do glaciers matter?’

Host: Andrew Sole

Human Geography11th December: Dr Sarah Marie Hall (School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester)

"It died once at playgroup, I didn’t know what to do": towards vital, vibrant and material geographies of the mobile phone in austerity

Host: Megan Blake

Physical Geography11th December: Rachel Smedley (University of Liverpool)

‘Ice-climate dynamics in Patagonia’

Host: Jeremy Ely