Research Career

imageIn our previous/outgoing MSc Polar and Alpine Change programme (which ran from 2008 to 2015), many students were strongly interested in a Research Career. Essentially, this means progression through a PhD after the masters to develop into a full-time scholar (post-doctoral researcher, lecturer, etc.), whose occupation is to undertake research to push frontiers of knowledge.

We expect most, if not all, MSc(Res) PAC applicants to have this aspiration, because students will learn how to do research by doing it — albeit in a shorter duration than a PhD.

Research-career development for our students is therefore embedded in our programme. The Programme Director gives a PAC-specific session on “How to apply for PhD?”. Through the personal-tutorial system and their supervisor(s), individual students are also advised on their ongoing applications for PhD positions offered across the UK and abroad.
In the previous MSc programme, on average two-thirds of our students keen to pursue such career successfully gained a PhD place within 1 year of graduation (and mostly during the year of study).