Masters student blog series: 2022 recap

Last year we invited some of our International Development students to write blog articles exploring key topics from their courses. Here's a roundup of all those articles in one place.

ID blog series 2022

#01: Maya Ljubojevic 

To use or to be able to use? That is the question: a critical blog using the capabilities approach to rethink digital inequalities

MPH International Development student Maya Ljubojevic discusses how the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted pre-existing digital inequalities. 

#02: Matthew Rees

Buen Vivir and Food Sovereignty: A Radical Future Beyond Food Insecurity?

MA International Development student Matthew discusses the commodification of food and looks at international solutions to food insecurity.

#03: Beth Porter

The Search for Netukulimk: Can the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach understand and advance the First Nations’ fight for food security?

MA International Development student Beth discusses the First Nations’ fight for food security. 

#04: Onome Etim

Criminalising marital rape: Can a rights-based approach change Nigeria’s current position on gender-based violence against married women?

MPH International Development student Onome discusses the human rights-based approach development cooperation in the context of women's bodily autonomy.

#05: Matthew MacRorie

Intermittent water supply - striving for a sustainable livelihood in cities without continuous running water

PhD candidate in the department of Civil and Structural Engineering, who has taken International Development modules, Matthew MacRorie discusses the challenges faced by the one billion people around the world who have only intermittent access to running water.

#06: Rebecca Fernandes

The downsides of posing individualistic solutions to the global problem of food security

Rebecca Fernandes examines how to combat food insecurity.

#07: Manami Sano

What human rights are adolescent girls and young women in Tanzania aware of not being fulfilled?

MA Intercultural Communications and International Development student Manami discusses women's rights in Tanzania.

#08: Ellen Potter

The right to dignity; the right to food

MA International Development student Ellen discusses the right to adequate and affordable food.

#09: Hannah Roberts

Is there more to WASH than providing taps and toilets? How the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework can further understandings of access to WASH

MPH International Development student Hannah discusses access to water, sanitation and hygiene. 

#10: Isabelle Parsons

How are the Rights-based approach to development helping you rethink the contemporary issue of Gender-Based Violence?

MPH International Development student Isabelle discusses gender-based violence and rights-based approaches to development.

#11: Ritu Shankar Banda

From ‘Valladolidian non-human’ to ‘Buen Vivirian human’ - An attempt to understand racism through the concept of ‘other’

MSc Environmental Change and International Development student Ritu Shankar discusses the post-neo-liberal concept of alternative development Buen Vivir.

#12: Lauren Smithstone

Re-imagining Food Security during Covid-19: Buen Vivir in the Andes

In the final installment of our masters students' blog series, MSc Environmental Change and International Development student Lauren Smithstone discusses rising food insecurity over the last decade, in particular during the global pandemic.

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