Study shows homeless people in England die 30 years younger than national average

Dr Bethan Thomas has been commissioned by Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people, to investigate homeless mortality.

The report, titled Homelessness Kills: a study of the mortality of homeless people in England in the 21st century is the first thorough review of mortality and cause of death amongst homeless people in England. It reveals that homelessness is incredibly difficult both physically and mentally and has significant impacts on people’s health and wellbeing. It leads to premature mortality and increased mortality rates.

The average age of death in the homeless population is 47, compared to 77 years in the general population. At the ages of 16-24, homeless people are at least twice as likely to die as their housed contemporaries; for 25-34 year olds the ratio increases to four to five times, and at ages 35-44, five to six times.

Ultimately, homelessness kills.