‘Icebergs’ New book launched by Prof Grant Bigg

Professor Grant Bigg, Professor of Earth System Science in the Department has a new book, published by Cambridge University Press, entitled Icebergs: Their Science and Links to Global Change.

imageIcebergs are a prime example of an environmental phenomenon that brings together multiple disciplines in the polar sciences, from the physics of calving and melting to the geology of their solid deposits and sea floor interactions. Icebergs are also increasingly seen to play key roles in past and present climate change by leading to abrupt climate change, in providing invaluable information through their debris, in fertilizing the polar oceans, and as an increasing hazard to Arctic travel and development.

This book gives a comprehensive, multidisciplinary view of icebergs and their interaction with the Earth system, from the physical and biological interaction with the ocean and climate, to how iceberg detritus informs us about past Earth history. Societal and cultural aspects of icebergs are also examined, in terms of the risks, such as iceberg tsunamis and giant icebergs, and how the use of techniques such as remote sensing, radar, and modelling are used to monitor these iceberg hazards; as well as the opportunities, including the use of icebergs as a freshwater source. The book concludes by considering how these risks and opportunities might develop in the future.

With extensive illustrations and key links to online resources, Icebergs is a valuable reference for academic researchers and graduate students studying oceanography, cryospheric science, climatology and environmental science.