Two University Senate Awards for Geography Academic

Deborah SportonDeborah Sporton, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography, was recognised by the University of Sheffield Awards Scheme at the January Graduation ceremonies. The Senate Awards aim to promote teaching and learning as a scholarly and inspirational activity, rewarding exceptional contributions in learning, teaching and student experience.

Sustained Excellence in Learning and Teaching

“Deborah has been instrumental in the creation of innovative Masters programmes that link public health and international development, attracting graduates and mid-career health professionals from around the world. For over fifteen years, Deborah has led field trips to countries in the Global South which have seen students working and studying alongside local community leaders in rural areas in countries undergoing development. In March 2016, her brainchild “the University of Sheffield SIDshare/KEDA Field Centre" opened. This collaborative venture, located at the foot of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, provides a facility for fieldwork studies and a source of income to support international development projects.

Additionally, her leading role in the Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences initiative, enables students to attend major international conferences or take internships in major organisations including United Nations Agencies”


“Deborah, with colleagues from across the Faculty of Social Sciences, worked to develop and deliver the Global Leadership Initiative (GLI) as part of the Global Learning Opportunities in the Social Sciences. The GLI initiative enables students to work with academics while attending global summits, to engage with the media and international organisations, and to collaborate in the production of quality policy analysis which is published in the journal “Global Policy”.

The GLI collaborates with NGOs and media outlets such as Oxfam, the BBC and Asahi Shinbun (second-highest circulation newspaper in the world). Each year a workshop is held in Westminster, attended high-level policy and civil society stakeholders, academic staff and students who explore the role of international summits in global governance.”