Into the UV

The Rolex Institute has recently funded a groundbreaking research project led by Andrew

McGonigle and involving Joseph Cook, concerning the positive and negative impacts of ultraviolet radiation on human health.

This work will be conducted under the Rolex Institute collaborative grants programme, which is aimed at fostering interactions within the global community of Laureates of the Rolex Awards of Enterprise. Of the 140 or so Laureates, Andrew and Joe are the only two to work in the same department.

Fellow Laureate Forrest Mims will also participate; Forrest is a leader in UV monitoring, and inventor of the Microtops sun photometer, which is in standard use across the planet in monitoring stratospheric ozone levels. The work will involve fieldwork in settings such as Hawaii and Greenland, with instrumentation including the world’s first smartphone sensor based UV cameras and spectrometers, which have been recently pioneered in Sheffield by Tom Wilkes, Tom Pering, Rob Bryant and Andrew. Widespread linkage to key public health and scientific agencies such as NASA are anticipated through the project.

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