Current research students.

Information about our current PhD students, their research and other academic activities are detailed below.

Human Geography

Name Project title Funding body Supervisor(s)
Sara Ahmadi ”Iranian diaspora in Sweden: transnational relations and identities”: How do experiences of various diaspora members in Sweden differ? Dr Deborah Sporton
Mohamed Ali Developing human resource for health in a fragile and conflict affected states- Somalia Dr Daniel Hammett
Carolyn Auma The Impact of Urbanisation on the Health and Environmental Sustainability of Diets in sub-Saharan Africa Grantham Scholar Professor Michelle Holdsworth, Dr Megan Blake
Phillip Banda Climate Change Adaptation for Subsistence Farmers in the Western Province of Zambia Dr Deborah Sporton
Sandra Barragan Contreras The intersection between energy policies, agreements and the generation of clean energy for sustainable development in rural communities in Mexico. An analysis of the social and environmental challenges Conacyt Dr Matt Watson, Dr Daniel Hammett
Shuna Beckett Changing spaces: The appropriation and transformation of space as a manifestation of agency and belonging among young Roma Slovak women in Sheffield WRoCAH Dr Deborah Sporton, Ryan Powell
Barley Blyton The Value of Memory: British and Italian Foodways Faculty Award Prof Peter Jackson, Dr Megan Blake
Ingun Borg Impact of welfare reform on low-income families' employment strategies: the case of Universal Credit in-work progression ESRC Dr Adam Whitworth, Professor David Robinson
Felicity Cannell UK cultural attachment to the brick as a building material Professor Jenny Pickerill, Dr Desiree Fields
Eleanor Carter Post-2010 welfare-to-work reforms in the UK and implications for social and spatial justice ESRC Dr Adam Whitworth
Daniel Casey Evaluating the role of Public-Private Partnerships in the delivery of ecosystem services in UK agriculture Green Economy Network Scholarship Award Dr Ruth Little, Professor Lorraine Maltby
Tavengwa Chitata Understanding how irrigation water infrastructure works for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems Grantham Scholar Prof Frances Cleaver
Jonas Cromwell Understanding how irrigation water infrastructure works for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems Grantham Scholar Megan Blake
Mauro Cruz Mercado Industrial ecology including sustainability of manufacturing processes Conacyt Scholarship Professor Peter Jackson; Dr Ruth Little
Hazal Dolek The Neocolonial Landscape of Turkish State`s Paternalistic Rule; The Love Houses Project GTA Scholarship Dr Eric OlundDr Jessica Dubow
Clement Dongurum Dimensions of HIV/AIDS and risk factors of adolescents' sexual and reproductive health behaviour in Pleateau State, Nigeria Dr Deborah Sporton
Christopher Flower Pastoral food security in Eastern Africa: Shifts in livelihood, culture and natural resource governance ECRC Collaborative Dr Daniel Hammett, Prof Dan Brockington
Sakariya Haji An analysis of state building in Somalia: The role of diaspora in nation building in fragile post conflict countries Dr Deborah Sporton; Dr Miguel Kanai
Robert Hardie Public-private partnerships in carbon sequestrations projects in the Global South Green Economy Network Scholarship Award Dr Frances Cleaver
Anna Hawkins A critical exploration of emerging urban food strategies and their potential for changing practice around food production, acquisition and consumption at a domestic level Sheffield Hallam University Dr Megan Blake, Dr Desiree Fields
Barry Hunter Between a rock and a hard place: land use planning and the Athabasca Denesuline of northern Canada Dr Daniel Hammett
Rowan Jaines Geographies of Discontent. The production of subjectivity in the Global Countryside ESRC Dr Desiree Fields, Dr Jessica Dubow
Beth Kamunge Black-feminist food politics and epistemologies of ignorance Private Sponsor Dr Daniel Hammett, Professor Peter Jackson
Stephen Langford How alliances across difference are made and sustained in British environmental activism ESRC Prof Jenny Pickerill
Carl Lee The `purpose built student accommodation development nexus' in the role of re-creating neighbourhoods in inner urban Sheffield Dr Desiree Fields
Hannah McCarrick Geographies of the Global South Grantham Centre Professor Dan Brockington
Will Mitchell Innovative approaches to understanding new forms of conservation governance for social and environmental benefits ESRC Professor Dan Brockington
Susan Moore Fancy a Byte to Eat?: Big Data Memories of the Horsemeat Scandal and Other Food Scares WRDTC, ESRC, Big Data Network Dr Mike Tse, Professor Peter Jackson
Hannah Mottram Off-grid rural electrification – a participatory evaluation EPSRC Matt Watson
Patience Muchada Integrating quantitative and qualitative data for improved food supply chain analysis Project Sunshine Professor Peter Jackson
John Nnko The Green Economy, resource governance and pastoralism Grantham Scholar Prof Frances Cleaver
Naomi Oates How policy travels through people: understanding the values and practices of actors in a water governance system Grantham Centre Professor Frances Cleaver, Dr Stephen Connelly
Nerea Okong'o Politics of Progress: A discourse analysis of gender in the extractive sector of in Kenya Commonwealth Scholarship Professor Jenny Pickerill, Dr Juan Miguel Kanai
David Pertaub Mechanisms of Institutional Bricolage - How do institutions for resource management arise? ESRC Professor Frances Cleaver
Marta Rodrigues Putting Women in their place: contributions to a Portuguese historiography of geography (1929-1975) Professor Richard Phillips, Professor Gill Valentine
Itzel San Roman Pineda The Impact of the Tourism Industry on inequality in Southeast Mexico Conacyt Dr Miguel Kanai, Prof David Robinson
Rafaella Simas Lima The effects of housing financialization on urban space and urban life in Lisbon, Portugal. ESRC
Henry Staples Understanding mobilization in ‘post-conflict’ Colombia Sheffield Methods Institute/Dept of Geography Dr Juan Miguel Kanai; Dr Anastasia Shesterinina
Katie Sumner Disrupting the Rhythm: Insights for Energy Demand Management Grantham Centre Dr Matt Watson, Dr Alastair Buckley
Farouk Umar Profiling Access to Healthcare Facilities in Kano State, Nigeria TETFund Dr Daniel Hammett
Ana Zavala Guillen Geography of Loss: Land dispossession in the context of the internal armed conflict in Colombia University Prize Scholarship Dr Eric Olund, Dr Daniel Hammett

Physical Geography

Name Project titleRemo Funding body Supervisor(s)
Bitrus Baminda Amos Ecological Mapping and Habitat Assessment at Yankari game reserve, North-eastern Nigeria Dr Rob Bryant
Sunday Ashua Effect of climate variability on maize production in guinea and rainforest ecological zone of Cross State, Nigeria Professor Grant Bigg; Dr Manoj Menon
Archana Dayal Biologically mediated dynamics of greenhouse gases and halogens in polar snowpacks Chevening/Commonwealth Scholarship
Bowy den Braber The green economy and protected areas - constraint or opportunity? Green Economy Network Scholarship Award Dr Karl EvansDr Rob Bryant
Nico Dewald Mapping of meltwater landforms and bedforms beneath the former Scandinavian Ice Sheet PalGlac Professor Chris Clark
Dr. Stephen Livingstone
Dr. Jeremy Ely
Alexandra Dorgan Competing demands for carbon sequestration and water resources: modelling and valuing of ecoystems services in the context of climate change Dr Julie Jones; Prof David Evans
Laura Eddey Late Pleistocene proglacial lacustrine environments within the Vale of Pickering Luminescence scholarship and Faculty scholarship Professor Mark Bateman, Dr Stephen Livingstone
Sean Gilgannon Origin of overdeepened bedrock basins and valleys in ice sheet settings ACCE-NERC Dr Darrel Swift; Dr Stephen Livingstone; Dr Ann Rowan
Laura Gonzalez-Alonso Study of wildfire smoke pollution over the Amazon using modeling and satellite data University of Sheffield scholarship Dr Maria Val Martin; Dr Rob Bryant
Zulhan Harahap Climate change impacts on small islands and coastal areas in North Maluku Province, Indonesia Ministry of National Education Professor Grant Bigg, Dr Rob Bryant
William Higson Understanding how Valley-Glacier Overdeepenings affect Surface Dynamics through remote sensing and UAV reconnaissance Dr Darrel Swift, Dr Rob Bryant
Josephine Hornsey Reconstructing glacier behaviour in the Himalaya from the `Little Ice Age' to the present day to predict future change ACCE-NERC Dr Ann RowanDr Stephen Livingstone
Adam Igneczi Greenland Ice sheet hydrology and dynamics: the role of surface and basal roughness - controls governing the distribution of supraglacial lakes on the Greenland Ice Sheet ICERS scholarship Dr Andrew Sole
Gemma Ives Climate history of the Indian Monsoon 1750-1870: Reconstruction of a pre-instrumental reference period for the Indian Monsoon TUoS Research Resource Scholarship Dr Julie Jones, Professor Grant Bigg
Joe Jackson The development of agri-chemicals for targeted soil delivery
Andrew Jones The origin and glaciological significance of the overdeepening of ice-sheet beds Sheffield Hallam University Sponsor Dr Darrel Swift, Dr Stephen Livingstone
Eleanor Jones More than methane: quantifying melt-driven biogas production from Eurasian Arctic lowland permafrost NERC/ACCE
Ben Kitchener Novel techniques for measurements and characterisation of sediment fluxes Professor Mark Bateman, Professor Tony Parsons
Emma Lewington Unravelling the drainage of supraglacial lakes from their geomorphological imprint NERC/ACCE Dr Stephen Livingstone, Professor Chris Clark, Dr Andrew Sole
Tinashe Mawodza Plant-soil interactions: the impact of plant water use on root architecture and soil structure Grantham Scholar Dr Stuart Casson, Dr Manoj Menon
Ambrose McCarron The late Quaternary frequency of ice-volcano feedbacks in the NW Pacific NERC/ACCE Professor Grant Bigg
Murk Memon Understanding the Role of Climate in Arctic Browning: consequences of climate change and extreme climatic events Grantham Scholar Dr Julie Jones
Joe Molloy Modelling cod diet and food web dynamics in the Barents Sea ACCE/NERC Professor Grant Bigg
Christopher (Ifeanyi) Onyia Sources of Pro-glacial Dust Dr Rob Bryant, Dr Darrel Swift
Monica Ortiz Assessing the impact of climate change on crop yields in Europe Project Sunshine Dr Julie Jones
Jennifer Ross The reducing Greenland Ice Sheet and implications for the ocean Industry Funded PhD by the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences Prof Grant Bigg
Greg Rushby Assessing coastal flood risk though mean and extreme sea-levels derived from sedimentary archives NERC/ACCE Professor Mark Bateman, Professor Rolan Gehrels
Faraj Sulaiman Assess coastal flood risk through mean and extreme sea-levels from sedimentary archives Prof Grant Bigg
Felipe Tornquist Perez Bio-recovery and reuse of rare earth elements Conacyt Prof Grant Bigg
Jennifer Veenstra Assessing the potential of no-till farming across European soils Grantham Centre Dr Manoj Menon, Dr Colin Smith
Florentine Weber Why is the atmosphere becoming drier? The roles of atmospheric processes and vegetation feedbacks, and their implications for future climate change Grantham Centre Dr Julie Jones; Professor Colin Osborne; Dr Rob Bryant
Teresa Weimer Physical, Socio-economic and Policy Feedbacks of Wildfires in Mozambique Professor Grant Bigg; Dr Johan Bigg; Dr Rob Bryant
Thomas Wilkes Remote Sensing of Volcanogenic Aerosols Faculty Scholarship Dr Andrew Mcgonigle, Alessandra Aiuppa (Palermo)
Yiwei "Sue" Zhang Palaecoean modelling of the Indonesian Throughflow and how it varied through the end of the glacial period Prof Grant Bigg

Joint Human/Physical Geography
Name Project title Funding body Supervisor(s)
Vaibhav Kaul Holistically understanding and enhancing the adaptation of remote high-mountain communities to hydrometeorological extremes and associated geohazards in a changing climate VC Indian Scholarship Dr Matt Watson, Dr Julie JonesDr Darrel Swift