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Our research addresses global transformations in the nature of rural and urban development, governance, citizenship and the challenges posed by increasing inequealities to further social and environmental justice. Click here for more information.

Research Themes:

Research Making an Impact:

Research and Academic Staff:

Luke Whaley

• Brock Bersaglio

Dorothea Kleine

Margi Bryant

• Charis Enns

PhD Students:

• Naomi Oates

Martha Avalos-Pelaez

Cecilie Dyngeland

Chris Flower

Rob Hardie

Barry Hunter

Sarah Peck

• Teresa Weimer

Farouk Umar

Ana Laura Zavala Guillén

• Jonas Cromwell

• Amos Baminda

Bowy den Braber

• Lara Fayombe

• Clement Donguram

• John Ulumara Nnko

• David Pertaub