PhD students

Current PhD students

  • Greg Rushby (2014 start) NERC-ACCE funded (Primary supervisor)
    Assessing UK coastal flood risk through mean and extreme sea levels derived from sedimentary and historical archives
  • Laura Eddey (2014 start) Sheffield Luminescence Laboratory funded. (Primary supervisor)
    Late Pleistocene proglacial lacustrine environments within the Vale of Pickering
  • Ben Kitchener (2011 start) NERC (Second Supervisor)
    Novel techniques for investigating soil-erosion dynamics and sediment transport processes

Former PhD students

  • William Fairburn (2014) Privately funded (Main supervisor)
    A Re-interpretation of the Late Devensian Physiographic Evolution of the Vale of York
  • Robert Friend (2011)
    Quaternary deposits in the Humber Basin
  • Adam Dunajko (2011)
    South African coastal landscape evolution and the emergence of modern humans
  • Stephen Hitchens (2009)
    Understanding the periglacial landscapes of the Brecklands, East Anglia
  • Anna Hughes (2008)
  • Palaeoglaciology of the last British Ice Sheet
  • Jessica Holmes (2007)
    The archaeology of land-use in the Brecklands, East Anglia, UK
  • Claire Boulter (2007)
    Landscape dynamics since the Last glacial maximum in East Central Texas, USA
  • Matt Telfer (2007)
    Quaternary arid environmental reconstruction
  • Andrew Carr (2004)
    Late quaternary environmental change on the Agulhas Plain, Winter Rainfall Zone, South Africa