Rod Brown

Rod Brown


Rod Brown has a BSc in Geology (Sheffield)

Research Interests

Hillslope processes, Physical Weathering, Structural Geomorphology

Current research

Hillslope geomorphology of Southern Pennines. Weathering and slope forms in marl rocks of South East Spain. Stratigraphic and structural geology and geomorphology of the western region of Murcia Province, Spain. Karst and pseudo karst microforms in semi-arid and arid environments. Forms, origins and human use of free faces in the UK.

Key Publications

Rod Brown has over 25 publications, including 12 contributions to books and several refereed research papers in journals.

  • Brown R.D., Waltham, A.C. and Middleton, T.C. (1985). Karst and caves in the Jabsl Akhdar, Oman. Trans. Brit. Cave Res. Ass., 12, 69-79.
  • Brown R.D., Waltham, A.C. and Middleton, T.C. (1985). Karst hydrology of the Wasia limestone in the southern Jabal Akhdar. Public Authority for Water Resources of the Sultanate of Oman, 20pp.
  • Brown R.D. (1993). Pressures on and in the Peak District National Park. In: Sargeant, J. and Wiltshire, R. (eds) Geographical Studies and Japan, Japan Library, 166-173.
  • Brown R.D. and Browell, M. (1985). South Pembroke Hazards. Alpine Journal, 90, 148-152.
  • Brown R.D., Hansom, J.D. and Redda, A. (1985). Edale End Landslide. In: Briggs, D.J., Gilbertson, D.D. and Jenkinson, R.D.S. (eds) Peak District and Northern Dukeries, Quaternary Research Association, Cambridge, 90-96.

Other information

Rod Brown has been a member of two Royal Society sponsored scientific expeditions to the Watkins Mountains of East Greenland and been involved in the Sheffield University Expedition to Arctic Norway and a speleological expedition to Oman. He is a member of the Alpine Club, the Fell and Rock Climbing Club and a member of the BMC Peak District Area Committee.