Naomi Hart

Naomi Hart is the Leverhulme Trust artist-in-residence 2017/18 in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield.

Naomi's work currently focuses on environmental issues as well as a broad theme of ‘migration’. She is a multidisciplinary artist, using drawing, paint, photography, sculpture and installation to communicate. Naomi is currently working with ‘carbon’ as a material and theme: carbon copies, the role of carbon in climate change and the cyclical nature of carbon as an element in life, signifying death and decomposition and its role in creating new life, and chemical processes and change in metals and minerals.

As artist-in-residence Naomi will be working with the ice-scientists and spent August 2017 in Svalbard working with Andy Hodson and the Polar and Alpine Change Masters students during their fieldwork with the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

Naomi studied Art and Design at Sunderland University, specialising in hot glass and sculpture. Since then she has been artist-in-residence at Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland, Canada; expedition artist in the Kimberley, NW Australia and in Tasmania and expedition artist on board Ezra, a 44' Scillonian Pilot Cutter on a voyage from Cornwall to remote East Greenland, learning to sail and navigate while documenting the journey.

She also created the world-wide, public participation, art-science, postal art project All About Migration and was recently commissioned by Crown Estates to create a huge outdoor aerial sculpture about swifts in Exeter.

You can see more of her work here:

Naomi will be presenting her work in a departmental seminar and in a final exhibition in March.