Professor Andy Hodson

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Andy Hodson joined the department from the University of Oxford in 1996. He has a training background in Environmental Science (University of Southampton), a PhD in Arctic glacier meltwater dynamics (University of Southampton with The Norwegian Polar Institute) and a quarter of a century of polar field work experience. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2002, Reader in 2007 and awarded a Chair in January 2011. In 2011 he also commenced an adjunct position at the University Centre on Svalbard. He became interim Head of the Geography Department at Sheffield University between August 2014 and September 2016.

Current Research

Andy’s research largely takes places in the Arctic and Antarctica. Since climate warming signals can be so strong here, he considers the implications of ground thaw and glacier melt for the sensitive ecosystems that are often found at or near the ice margin. He also looks at the microbial ecosystems within the ice itself, since there are fewer habitats more vulnerable to the impacts of climate warming than ice and snow.

In the Arctic, Andy is currently leading a large European project funded via several national research councils (the Joint Programming Initiative). The emphasis of this project, called “LowPerm” is the biogeochemical feedbacks associated with lowland permafrost thaw in the High Arctic. A video about the work that inspired this project can be seen here.


In Antarctica, Andy has recently completed a project with colleagues at the British Antarctic Survey and Northumbria University on snow ecology and its influence upon nutrient release to downstream ecosystems. Read more about this project and new research here.