Dr Johan Oldekop


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Email: J.A.Oldekop@Sheffield.ac.uk
Website: oldekoplab.wordpress.com

Johan Oldekop obtained his PhD in Environmental Biology at the University of Manchester (2011) and joined the Department as a Marie Curie Research Fellow in 2016. Prior to joining the Department he held post-doctoral positions at Washington State University (2011-2012), the Sheffield Institute for International Development (2013-2014) and the University of Michigan (Marie Curie Fellow 2014-2016). He is currently an Associate Editor for the journal Environmental Conservation.

Research Interests

His research focuses on understanding the kinds of policies, interventions and social processes that lead to better outcomes for people and nature. He has ongoing research projects in various biodiversity hotspots and is increasingly interested in the use of publicly available datasets to understand tradeoffs and synergies between conservation and development outcomes. His research is inherently interdisciplinary and seeks to answer critically important questions by combining a range of different approaches from the natural and social sciences, including ecology, geographical information systems, political science, and economics.

Key Publications

  • Hajjar R*, Oldekop JA*, Agrawal A, Cronkleton P, Etue E, Newton P, Russel AJM, Tjajadi JS, Zhou W (2016) The data not collected on community forestry. Conservation Biology (in press). *joint lead authors
  • Oldekop JA, et al. [44 authors] (2016) 100 key research questions for the post-2015 development agenda. Development Policy Review, 34(1): 55-82. [covered by SciDev.net]
  • Oldekop JA, Holmes G, Harris WE, Evans KL (2016) A global assessment of the social and conservation outcomes of protected areas. Conservation Biology, 30(1): 133-141.
  • Oldekop JA, Chappell MJ, Borges Peixoto FE, Paglia, Schmoeller M, Evans KL (2015) Linking Brazil’s food security policies to agricultural change. Food Security, 7: 779-793.
  • Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Hennermann K, McMorrow J, Springate DA, Torres B, Truelove NK, Tysklind N, Villamarín S, Preziosi RF (2013) Evaluating the effects of common-pool resource institutions and market forces on species richness and forest cover in indigenous Kichwa communities, Conservation Letters, 6(2): 107-115.
  • Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Holmes, G, Truelove NK, Villamarín S., Preziosi RF (2012) Environmental impacts and scarcity perception influence local institutions in indigenous Amazonian Kichwa communities, Human Ecology, 40(1): 101-115.
  • Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Brockington D, Preziosi RF (2010) Understanding the lessons and limitations of Conservation and Development, Conservation Biology, 24(2): 461-469.