International Development

Deborah’s research in International Development builds on her work on social and environmental change and links through to her research in population geographies. She has undertaken research funded by the ESRC to explore Population Ageing, Livelihoods and HIV in southern Africa in partnership with colleagues from the University of Namibia, Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre. Deborah has also participated in several policy panels that have focused on aspects of population change in sub Saharan Africa, e.g. Chatham House to join an expert panel on Population Growth and Demographic Trends: Implications for African States and Regions; and at the Legatum Institute’s launch of the 2013 Prosperity Index on Youth in Africa: threat or an opportunity for the continent.

Deborah’s current research interests in this area include a project (in collaboration with European and African Partners) that seeks to deconstruct the binaries that dominate academic research, policy and practice in international development. She is also exploring the role of Diaspora in the Development of failed or fragile States.

Deborah has supervised 8 students in this area of whom 2 are currently registered.