PhD students

Current PhD Students

  • Rebecca Murray “Let the right one in” Transcending borders, barriers & binaries; widening access to higher education for forced migrants. (2013-). Funding: ESRC Collaborative studentship with the Helena Kennedy Foundation. Primary Supervisor
  • Olasimbo Fayombo Climate variability, adaptation and urban poverty in Lagos. (2013-) Primary Supervisor. Self-funded.
  • Lewis Cameron Enabling energy access for sustainable development in rural Nepal.(2012-) Second Supervisor. Funding: ESRC
  • Elizabeth Harrison Assessing lessons from community based natural resource management projects for the implementation of carbon sequestration schemes in dryland Africa, (2011-) ESRC DTC WR Network Studentship, (second supervisor based at University of Leeds). 2011-
  • Marcia Vera Espinoza Regional resettlement of refugees. (Second supervisor) (2011-) Funding: CONACYT, Chile. .
  • Aisha Giwa Contraceptive Decision making in northern Nigeria, (2011- ), Primary supervisor Self-funded.
  • Jacob Mutsva Mobility, Identity and Resiliance: Young Zimbabweans in the UK. (2011-) Joint Primary supervisor. Self-funded.
  • Pip Tyler The effects of deportation upon individual failed asylum seekers, their families and their UK ‘host’ community? 2008- Self-funded, part-time 2008- (joint primary supervisor with Prof. Andrew Geddis, Politics)
  • Felicitas Mberema Disclosure of HIV Status: the experience HIV status disclosure among men in northern Namibia. (Submitted 2014) Joint Supervisor. Funding: Commonwealth Scholarship. Awaiting Examination


  • Simon Duphey Impact of HIV/AIDS on household livelihoods in Ghana, Departmental Studentship (2014) Primary Supervisor. Departmental Scholarship.
  • Liberty Mupakati Reparation and Inequality through different Diasporas. The case of the Zimbabwean diaspora in the UK and South Africa, (2012) Joint Primary Supervisor. Self-funded.
  • David Littlewood, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mining sector, Namibia (2010). Joint Primary Supervisor. Funding ESRC
  • Daniel Turner The changing nature of support for People living with AIDS in Botswana, (2008). Primary Supervisor. Funding: ESRC
  • Julia Keenan Caring for the ‘Community’. Meeting the needs of carers, sufferers and carriers of Sickle Cell Disorder and Thalassaemia. (2006) Primary Supervisor. Funding: ESRC Case.
  • Festo Okidi Fertility and Urbanisation in Malawi. (Part-time 2008). Primary Supervisor. Self-funded.
  • Felicity Thomas ‘Seeing for yourself’ – Exploring the impacts of HIV/AIDSand Chronic Illness on Livelihoods, Vulnerability and Support Networks in the Caprivi Region, Namibia. (2005) Joint Supervisor. Funding: ESRC.
  • Julie Newton Gender responsive approaches to agricultural development in Namibia. (2004) Primary Supervisor. Funding: ESRC.
  • Sam Scott The British Community in Paris. (2003) Second Supervisor. Funding: ESRC
  • Ibrahim Sirkeci The international migration of Turkish Kurds: The role of an environment of insecurity. (2002) Primary Supervisor. Funding: ORS.
  • Shahida Khan The Pakistani Community in Sheffield. (2002) Second Supervisor. Funding: Government of Pakistan.
  • Chasca Twyman Environmental Entitlements in Wildlife Management Areas, Botswana. (1998) Joint Primary Supervisor. Funding: ESRC.
  • Tom Flemming Carnival in Leeds and Bristol. (1998) Second Supervisor. Funding: MERC
  • Kay Graham Ethnic Minority Ageing. (1998) Primary Supervisor. Funding: ESRC
  • Emma Hollywood The role of migration as an equilibriating force? The anomalous case of mining communities. (1998) Primary Supervisor. Funding: Hossein Farmy Scholarship.
  • Aglaia Baraclough Extent and Significance of Cultural Retention: Greeks and Cypriots in Britain. (1999) Second Supervisor. Funding: ESRC
  • Kate Day Interpretations of Asylum Seeking in Great Britain. (1998) Second Supervisor. Funding: ESRC
  • Juliet Carpenter Urban Policy and Social Change in Two Parisian Neighbourhoods, 1962-92. (1994). Second Supervisor. Funding: ESRC.