Dr Chasca Twyman

Chasca Twyman

Room number: E4
Telephone (internal): 27963
Telephone (UK): 0114 222 7963
Telephone (International): +44 114 222 7963
Email: C.Twyman@Sheffield.ac.uk

Chasca Twyman is on special leave from the 1st of September 2016 - the 31st of August 2017.

Chasca Twyman has a BSc in Geography from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (1993), and a PhD from the University of Sheffield (1997) (Community Development and Wildlife Management: Opportunity and Diversity in Kalahari Wildlife Management Areas, Botswana). Between 1998-2001 she was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on a Department of International Development (DFID) funded project investigating poverty, policies and natural resource use in Southern Africa.

In January 2001 she took up her appointment as Lecturer in the Department of Geography, Sheffield, and was appointed Senior Lecturer in 2005.

Research Interests

My current research is based around the human dimensions of local and global environmental change; and, natural resource management (water, ecosystems, and wildlife) and policy in Southern Africa.

Current research

My current research falls into four areas within the overarching themes of development, community and resource management within southern Africa. Ongoing research projects include:

Adaptation to environmental and climatic variability amongst natural-resource dependent populations
This research stream investigates how natural resource-dependant societies in the developing world, particularly southern Africa, respond and adapt to climatic variability and shocks such as drought and floods, and how these responses may better inform an understanding of likely 21st century responses to global warming-induced climate change.

More information on my Adaptation to Environmental and Climatic Variability research

Community-based natural resource management in Southern Africa
Research in this area investigates the concept and practice of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM).

More information on my Community-Based Natural Resource Management research

Policy, poverty and livelihoods in Southern Africa
Research in this area focuses on the complex interactions between policy poverty and livelihoods.

More information on my Policy, Poverty and Livelihoods in Southern Africa research

Power, environment and identities: learning from the South
An ongoing and expanding interest in power relationships and the cross-cultural research process has been developed through investigations into issues of power and discourse in North and South interactions in terms of development concepts and practices, technology, tourism, and the 'representation' of indigenous people.

More information on my Power, Environment and Identities research


Chasca's teaching interests revolve around international development and the human dimensions of global environmental change, thus aligning with her main research interests and skills.

Undergraduate Teaching
At the undergraduate level, she is keen to help students understand how theory can be a useful tool to help challenge development assumptions and reflect on our personal and political relationships with different people and places. These relationships are often explored through quite detailed empirical case studies and students are encouraged to reflect critically on the written and visual media presented.

Chasca's specialist teaching on undergraduate courses includes:
GEO221 Geographies of Development
GEO336 Development and Global Change

All staff also engage in personal supervision and tutoring of individual students at all three levels in the following modules:
GEO163 (Information & Communication Skills for Geographers)
GEO263 or GEO264 (Research Design in Human or Physical Geography)
GEO356 (Geographical Research Project)

Masters Teaching
At Masters level, her teaching draws directly on her research interests in interdisciplinary approaches to the human dimensions of global environmental change. Students are encouraged to think critically about how disciplinary perspectives can shape how development problems are approached and are encouraged to reflect analytically on how complex and real the outcomes of social and environmental change can be for those in the Global South.

Chasca's teaching on Masters courses includes:
GEO6801 Ideas and Practice in International Development
GEO6803 Professional Skills for Development
GEO6806 Key Issues in Environment and Development
GEO6809 Living with Climate Change in the Global South

Key Publications

  • Hammett D, Twyman C and Graham M (2015) Research and Fieldwork in Development Routledge. London.
  • Twyman C, Smith TA and Arnall A (2015) What is carbon: Conceptualising carbon and capabilities in the context of community sequestration projects in the global South. WIRES Climate change 6:627-641.
  • Arnall, A., Thomas, D. S.G., Twyman, C. and Liverman, D. (2013) Flooding, resettlement and livelihoods change: evidence from rural Mozambique. Disasters, 37 (3).
  • Arnall, A., Thomas, D.S.G., Twyman, C. and Liverman, D. (2013) NGOs, elite capture and community-driven development: perspectives in rural Mozambique. Journal of Modern African Studies, 51 (2). ISSN 1469-7777 2013
  • Twyman, C., Fraser, E.D.G., Stringer, L.C., Quinn, C., Dougill, A.J., Ravera, F., Crane, T.A. and Sallu, S.M. (2011). Climate science, development practice, and policy interactions in dryland agroecological systems. Ecology and Society, 16(3), 14.
  • Sallu, S.M., Twyman, C. and Stringer, L.C. (2010). Resilient or vulnerable livelihoods? Assessing livelihood dynamics and trajectories in rural Botswana. Ecology and Society, 15(4), 3.
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  • Pasquini, L., Cowling, R.M., Twyman, C. and Wainwright, J. (2010). Devising appropriate policies and instruments in support of private conservation areas: lessons learnt from the Klein Karoo, South Africa. Conservation Biology, 24(2), 470-478.
  • Osbahr, H., Twyman, C., Adger, W.N. and Thomas D.S.G. (2008). Effective livelihood adaptation to climate change disturbance: scale dimensions of practice in Mozambique. Geoforum, 39(6), 1951-1964.

Other information

Chasca has been a member of the Expedition and Fieldwork Division Committee of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute for British Geographers.