Collaborations with Fondacao Joao Pinheiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Following a research trip to Minas Gerais in September 2011 Adam has been collaborating with colleagues at Fondacao Joao Pinheiro (FJP) and within the University of Sheffield on a range of research projects.

Together they are currently conducting statistical analyses of a unique dataset of around 3,000 street working children in order to seek to identify the key risk factors in terms of the children’s educational progression as well as to explore the diversity in experiences and situations within the group. Whilst studies of street working children typically rely on smaller scale qualitative work, the size and detail of these quantitative analysis promises unique insights into theoretical and policy the issues surrounding street working children and is made possible by the extensive data collection carried out by FJP.

Adam is also discussing with FJP the possibility of connecting their research interests and expertise and quantitative spatial analysis to produce the first national Brazilian Index of Multiple Deprivation.