Equal Opportunities

The University has adopted a policy on Equal Opportunities. Further information is available at: www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/equality-and-diversity.

The following statement sets out the Department’s policy in support of the University policy:

“The Department seeks to offer equal learning and teaching opportunities to all of its students, regardless of age, gender, marital or parental status, ethnicity, disability, creed, political belief or sexual orientation. The Department will take all reasonable steps to enable any student to participate fully in their course, in the normal manner. Where this is not the case, the student will be offered alternative arrangements. This may arise, for example, where a student is unable to participate in a field study visit in the normal way. In that case, the issue would be discussed with the student concerned and all reasonable steps taken to allow the student to take part in the visit. If that were not possible, however, then alternative arrangements would be offered to the student.”

If you wish to discuss equal opportunities issues further, please contact your the Geography Department's Equality and Diversity Officer, Professor Ed Rhodes

Your obligations

Students will:

  • Respect the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy and practices in their dealings with members of the University community.
  • Behave in a way which reflects and appreciates the diversity of the University community.

Any student who alleges that he or she has been the subject of discrimination or harassment has recourse to the University’s harassment or grievance procedures for students. Advice may be obtained from SSiD.