Exam Boards and External Examiners

The Department holds an internal exam board following the end of each semester. Prior to an internal exam board, the external examiner for each programme reviews all module packs (which include a module mark sheet and class sample from that module) for each semester.

The external examiner will then provide their comments on each module and its marking. These comments are then discussed by an academic Departmental panel in the internal exam board and marks are confirmed.

Following the completion of a programme, an end of year exam board is held. Like the internal boards, external examiner comments are discussed, module marks are confirmed and the Department can now recommend degree classifications to Faculty for approval.

Please note that all assessment marks remain provisional until you receive your statement of results. After this, you may also request a formal copy of your transcripts from the following web link: www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/transcript

Further information about the University's policies and procedures for External Examiners is available here: www.sheffield.ac.uk/lets/pp/examiners