General Information on Assessments


Geography modules will be assessed by the submission of coursework, or by formal examination. The particular
requirements for coursework vary across modules. You will find that submission deadlines cluster towards the end of each teaching semester. One of your key tasks is to manage your workload across each semester to accommodate these requirements.

Word Limits and Penalties

The word limit of an assessment is the number of words you use to complete the assessment. Unless you are specifically told otherwise, your word limit should include footnotes, but exclude title, abstract, figure/table captions, tables, bibliography and appendices. Word limits for your assessment will be stated in the Submission and Feedback Deadlines document available in GEO HUB on Blackboard (MOLE).

Information on the penalties for overlength can be found in the Assessment and Feedback Handbook on MOLE.

Anonymous Marking

Anonymous marking is the University system whereby the work you submit for any assessment is marked without the marker knowing your identity.

The University of Sheffield uses anonymous marking, where appropriate, for all pieces of assessed work. You should therefore ensure that you only put your registration number (as shown on your UCard) and not your name on the coursework itself.

For further instructions, please refer to the ‘Submitting Assessments and Examinations’ section in this handbook.

Assessment Marking Criteria

Full details about the criteria used to assess your work is available in the Assessment and Feedback Handbook available on MOLE