Submitting Assessments

Unless advised otherwise, you should submit your work electronically. This involves using a system called Turnitin. Turnitin is accessed through the appropriate links within each module’s Blackboard (MOLE) page. Further information on Turnitin can be found at:

For information on submission and feedback deadlines, please refer to the Submission and Feedback Deadlines
document available in GEO HUB on Blackboard (MOLE). The Department has an electronic submission and feedback procedure for all non-invigilated assessments. This means that, except where specified, you are only required to submit an electronic copy to Turnitin by 4pm on the deadline date.

It is ESSENTIAL that you include your registration number on all pieces of work. As all work is marked anonymously, this is how we identify you from your marked work. Failure to do this will cause delays in the return of your work to you.

An electronic copy should be submitted via Turnitin as a PDF. A Turnitin submission link will be provided on the Blackboard (MOLE) page of the appropriate module. You can submit work up to two weeks before the deadline. Turnitin is used to check for plagiarism and collusion and an electronic copy of all work is retained by the Department.

You must replace the filename with your registration number for all pieces of work submitted to Turnitin. Do not include your name. Please make every effort to include your registration number:

• In the header of every piece of work
• Saved as the file name of your work
• Input as the submission title when uploading to Turnitin

Students who have been assessed by the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service as having a specific learning disability should append “Yellow Sticker” to the filename of work submitted via Turnitin (after your
registration number).

If you are ever submitting a paper copy you should attach a yellow “DDSS” sticker to your coursework.

Please note that a “yellow sticker” indicates that the marker be mindful of a student’s SpLD - i.e. not to be overly critical of spelling, grammar etc., and to focus on giving clear, targeted feedback, based on the marking criteria (if spelling, grammar etc. are part of the criteria, then it is
acceptable to pick up on these, but ensure feedback is clear and constructive). Yellow stickers DO NOT have an impact on deciding the mark. Please see: for more information.

Proof of Submission of Coursework

For electronic copies, you must keep your Turnitin email receipt as proof of electronic submission. If the electronic copy of your work is not found in Turnitin, and you cannot provide a receipt to evidence that you made a submission, late penalties will be applied.

Note that the Turnitin system can sometimes take a couple of hours to
generate a receipt, so do not leave it until the last minute to submit the electronic copy of your work. In case of any problem with Turnitin, you should email your work to before the deadline.