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Degrees with a foundation year

Our degrees with foundation year are designed to give mature students without standard university entry qualifications the best possible preparation for success on the degree of their choice.

Geography with Foundation Year BA (Full-Time)

The Geography BA course focuses on the many ways to explore our relationships to space, society, politics and culture. It provides the critical skills with which to appreciate, analyse and respond to the key issues and challenges of our contemporary lives.

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Geography with Foundation Year BSc (Full-Time)

The Geography with Foundation Year BSc focuses on the processes that underlie past and present changes in our environment and the technologies we use to observe and understand them. You will study the prediction of future changes and how societies must respond and manage them is also a fundamental concern.

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Geography and Planning with Foundation Year BA (Full-Time)

The Geography and Planning BA with Foundation Year has a flexible structure and the modules offered are a carefully selected combination of geographic and town planning topics, which offer complementary insights into the processes, policies and practices operating within urban and rural areas.

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Environmental Science with Foundation Year BSc (Full-Time)

Environmental Science with Foundation Year BSc gives you a broad introduction to the key themes of environmental science. It allows you to develop the base of knowledge and skills before you take a generalised approach, blending different areas of environmental science, or you can choose to specialise down one of three branches; Global Environmental Change, Environmental Biosciences or Environmental Geosciences.

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