Our graduates aren’t just employable, they’re employed. Our students progress into an incredibly diverse range of careers and employment sectors often progressing into key management and leadership positions.

Both Geography and Environmental Science graduates are highly employable and our students have progressed into a wide range of careers after studying with us. These have been in the public and private sector and include Flood and Coastal Risk Management Officer, Graduate Transport Planner, Risk Consultant, Advertising Executive, Geography Teacher and Environmental Modeller.

Graduate destinations

Responses to the 2016/17 national Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey found that over 85% of graduates from the Department of Geography had found employment or were engaging in further study within six months after graduation.

Employability in the curriculum

Throughout your degree, we will help you to identify the employability skills that you gain from your module choices. We use our very own icon system to flag the employability skills that are contained within the degree programme.

Organisational skills iconOrganisational Skills

Prioritising & planning, decision making, time management, self-management.

Research iconResearch

Research design and approaches, ethics and risk assessments, cross-disciplinary understandings.

Communcations skills iconsCommunications Skills

Written and oral communication, including production of non-essay type

Intellectual & Independent Thinking iconIntellectual & Independent Thinking

Analysing & problem solving, developing a reasoned argument, creative & critical thinking.

Numeracy & Technology iconNumeracy & Technology

Information retrieval, numeracy, statistical analysis, computer literacy, use of computer software.

Employability iconMarket Awareness

Commercial and business awareness, awareness of attitudes to work, political and cultural sensitivity, personal reflection and evaluation, networking, team working.

Geographical iconGeographical

Spatial analysis, geographical information systems, quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Global Awareness iconGlobal Awareness

Geographical awareness, and political and cultural awareness.

Careers support

Degree with Employment Experience

Undertake a one year work placement as part of your degree programme. A year in employment will also enable you to further develop your transferable skills, become more commercially aware and may even secure your entry onto the graduate career ladder.

Employer and alumni visits

Tailored sessions from employers and alumni which focus on growing and selling your skills as a geographer whilst providing practical experience of the working world.

Royal Geographical Society and Geographical Association internships

As a leading UK geography department, we enjoy partnerships with both of these national bodies and many of our students are successful in securing valuable work experience opportunities with them.

Ernst and Young Scholars of the Future

Two scholarships are available annually to Year 1 students, specifically designed by the company for our students. The scholarship includes a place on Ernst and Young Leadership programme, a summer internship or year long placement and a £1000 bursary for each year.

Our Graduates

Cathy Fenning, Retail Analyst at FSP

What does your current job involve?

I am a retail analyst, so I have to research shopping behaviours all day… I think there are probably worse jobs! We get to work with some pretty big shopping centres, towns, developments and retailers to identify what the best route is for them and how to maximise their opportunities.

What do you enjoy about your job?

It varies so much from project to project! It’s so interesting to understand why some retailers choose to locate in one place but not another, and why retailers may not do as well as they thought in a location. There is so much more behind your shopping experiences than you may realise. We do a lot of bespoke work, so if the client wants something particularly unusual, it means that we may have to look at things in a different way, which can produce some really useful (and interesting) information.

How do you use geography skills in your work?

Pretty much everything relies on geography (in some way or another!) and my job is a particularly good example of that – I use my geography skills all the time. Our clients need to know where they are attracting their shoppers from, who they are, what they like. This can all vary hugely by location, so my whole career is reliant on geography and on things I learnt at university.

What advice would you give to students to enhance their employability?

Personally, I would really recommend diversifying your skills – whilst your studies are very important, it is great to be able to say that you were involved in a society, so that employers can see that you are well-balanced with good time management skills.

Dan Homer, BA Geography

Dan Homer, geography graduate"I work for a consultancy firm using data analytics to create investment plans for global utility companies, mainly within the water and energy sector. The company mainly hires mathematicians, so my geography degree brought fresh insight into how data is used within the real world. The job enables me to further develop skills that I gained from my degree such as GIS and statistics - don’t expect the learning to stop once you’ve graduated!"

Heather Woodhead, MEnvSci Environmental Science Heather Woodhead"On starting out my Masters in Environmental Science degree at Sheffield University I was unsure exactly what career path I wanted to follow, other than "environment". The course offers a diverse range of topics which can be studied, tutored by enthusiastic, experienced lecturers with vast expertise. In addition to allowing you to develop a range of analytical, technical and communication skills, which are vital for any career. Having a keen interest and passion in water quality, environmental impact and biodiversity, I opted to focus on this area for my Masters Research Project, a project which I have since presented to a number of statutory bodies/authorities, including the Environment Agency, Natural England and Yorkshire Water. During my Masters year I secured a Data Analyst role withYorkshire Water, which I started on completion of my degree in May 2012. I believe that the degree I studied and particularly the area that my masters research topic covered was a key stepping stone in helping me to secure this position. Whilst working for Yorkshire Water an opportunity arose to apply for the Environmental Officer role at Kelda Water Services, a position I was successful in gaining and started in April 2013. This is an extremely diverse, enjoyable and challenging role which allows me to put into practice the many skills gained throughout my degree whilst using and enhancing my environmental knowledge further"
Josh Tinsley, BSc Environmental Science

Environmental Science Graduate Josh Tinsley "Studying Environmental Science gave mea great base on which to begin my career. One of the biggest things I gained from the course was the confidence and conviction to pursue the area of environmental protection because learning about the impact humans have on the environment, coupled with the knowledge that we can do something to protect and enhance it, is inspiring as well as humbling."

Further Examples

Here are some more examples of the first jobs our graduates have gone into:

Travel Leisure and Culture

  • Environment Journalist, Guardian
  • Media and Communications Executive, Lonely Planet
  • English Language Teacher, TEFL Vietnam

Environment and Sustainability

  • Environment Advisor, Natural England
  • Flood and Coastal Risk Management Officer, The Environment Agency
  • Waste and Recycling Officer, Hackney City Council

The Business World

  • Audit Graduate, Deloitte
  • Operations Graduate, Santander
  • Advertising Executive, ITV

Development and Global Issues

  • Research Assistant, British Red Cross
  • Youth and School Engagement Campaigner, Oxfam

Regeneration and Planning

  • Senior Consultant, Regeneris Consulting
  • Town Planner, Sheffield City Council
  • Research Assistant, Transport for London


  • Information and Data Manager, Scottish Government
  • Royal Mail, Logistics Manager
  • Geography Teacher, Teach First Graduate Programme

Geographical Techniques

  • Geophysicist, Statascan
  • Weather Forecaster, Met Office
  • Store Location Analyst, Landrover

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