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Environmental Science at Sheffield

Environmental Science is a broad and multidisciplinary subject exploring processes that control and have an impact on the wide range of habitats, ecosystems and environments on planet Earth.

Environmental Science at Sheffield was one of first degree programmes of its kind. In recent years, awareness about the complexity of the natural environment and the impacts of human activity has accelerated. This has led to the growth of Environmental Science as a major international discipline helping to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our planet.

Environmental issues are a pressing concern for global government, businesses and societies and there is a high demand for environmental specialists in all these areas. Sheffield remains at the forefront of the discipline. This is demonstrated by our graduates who are working pursuing careers in industry, research, conservation, ecology and many other sectors across the world.

About our departments

  • The Department of Geography is a world leader in teaching and research. We have been ranked as a UK top 15 department in the QS Rankings 2016, that recognises the quality of our research and teaching.
  • The Department of Animal and Plant Sciences is one of the leading research departments for whole-organism biology in the UK, ranked within the UK top 5 departments for research excellence (REF 2014).

Professional Accreditation

logo of iesOur courses are accredited by the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) and the Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences (CHES). The IES is the leading professional body for Environmental Science professionals. Accreditation confirms that our courses are of high quality and provide excellent standards of professional development. Students on our courses are eligible to become student members of the IES – the first step toward achieving Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) status.

Our courses

BSc Environmental Science (3 years) ABB, F900

MEnvSci Environmental Science (4 years) AAB, F902

MEng Urban Engineering and Development - H225

MEng Urban Engineering & Development combines fundamental civil and structural engineering modules with modules taught by the Department of Geography.

This course will produce a unique type of graduate; engineers who can deal with modern challenges, which are more complex than traditional engineering challenges. Students will graduate with an exclusive understanding of how to address challenges such as social issues, poverty, housing, food resources, waste, sustainability, and sustainable development of infrastructure.

For full details about this course please visit the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering website.