"The course offered a blend of geography and biology which I felt was unique to Sheffield"

Student Mary Baldwin
Mary Baldwin
Current student
MEnvSci Environmental Science
Mary explains why she chose to study Environmental Science at Sheffield.

Why did you choose to study Environmental Science at Sheffield?

I chose to study Environmental Science at Sheffield because the course offered a blend of geography and biology which I felt was quite unique to Sheffield and was exactly what I was looking for. Combining these two subjects together has provided me with a well-rounded view of how the Earth’s system works overall and the pressing challenges we face. At the open day I also felt that the department and the university was very welcoming, and you could tell they really cared about their students.

What has been your favourite part (or module) of the course so far?

I think my favourite module so far has been my third year Global Change module. This module was run in the APS department and provided a fantastic overview of past global change and the current issues we are facing, including current research and ways to tackle the problems. l also particularly enjoyed the policy element of this module. More generally I have also found this course has provided me with a extensive range of skills including field and lab skills, data analysis, GIS, report writing and presentation skills.

Are you a part of any University society or do you do any extracurricular activities?

I have found the University of Sheffield to offer a fantastic range of extracurricular activities which are very accessible for everyone to get involved with. Throughout my time at university I have participated in volunteering, intermural sport, and been on the committee for the Environmental Science Society.

More recently, I have become a member of the Sustainability Committee. I have also attended lots of talks and activities run by a range of societies. These kinds of opportunities are great for meeting likeminded students and having a bit of fun! I have found the extracurricular activities provided at Sheffield to be extremely inclusive and have made up a large part of my university experience.

What do you like most about Sheffield?

Sheffield is a lovely city, with plenty going on. There is a variety of places to eat and drink, museums and galleries, markets, individual shops and even festivals. However, my favourite thing about Sheffield is probably the green spaces and great access to the Peak District. The parks near campus and first year accommodation provide a lovely break form the urban environment and great place to relax with friends throughout the year. Being so close to the Peak District provides an escape from the city with some lovely walks, pubs and amazing views!

What are your plans for when you complete your degree?

After completing my degree, I hope to work in sustainability in some way, potentially consultancy. The support offered from the department in terms of employability and careers events has been really useful in helping me decide what I would like to do in the future.

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