Programme FGLS 10

Friday, 6 January 2012
9.30 Registration and tea/coffee
10.15 Welcome
Kristine Horner, Roel Vismans and Regina Weinert (Sheffield)
Chair: Gertrud Reershemius
10.30 Katerina Somers (QMUL)
The intersection between meter and syntax in the Old Saxon Hêliand
11.00 Anne Breitbarth (Ghent), George Waldken and Sheila Watts (Cambridge)
Building a corpus for Middle Low German: Notes and queries
11.30 Nils Langer (Bristol)
Promoting Low German in the nineteenth century
12.00 Lunch
Chair: Patrick Stevenson
13.15 Paul Bennett, Martin Durrell, Silke Scheible and Richard J. Whitt (Manchester)
The standardisation of German: Evidence from the GerManC corpus
13.45 Nicola McLelland (Nottingham)
Pragmatist and purist: Otto Siepmann, Walter Rippmann and the teaching and learning of German around the turn of the 20th century
14.15 Wini Davies (Aberystwyth), Melanie Wagner (Luxembourg) and Eva Wyss (Basel)
German at grammar schools in Germany, Luxembourg and German-speaking Switzerland: A comparison
14.45 Afternoon tea/coffee
Chair: Melani Schröter
15.15 John Bellamy (Manchester)
"Ich höre gern diesen Dialekt, erinnert mich an meine Urlaube in Kärnten..."
15.45 Patrick Stevenson (Southampton)
Superdiversity, language mapping, and the house at Mareschstrasse 74
16.15 Kristine Horner (Sheffield)
Competing discourses on language and citizenship in multilingual Luxembourg
16.45 Short break
17.00 PLENARY 1: Gerald Newton (Sheffield)
Radio Luxembourg 1933-1992: Multilingual broadcasting from the heart of Europe
Chair: Kristine Horner
18.00 AGM/Wine reception
19.30 Conference dinner
Saturday, 7 January 2012
Chair: Regina Weinert
9.00 Torsten Leuschner (Ghent)
Comparative Germanic word-formation: Affixoids in German and its sister languages
9.30 Alan Scott (Nottingham)
Constructional change affecting German possessive -s: A diachronic, usage-based account
10.00 Adrian Luescher (Bangor)
How neutral is the Home Office: Swiss German gender choices with English nouns
10.30 Morning tea/coffee
Chair: Sheila Watts
11.00 Caroline Hyde-Simon (Southampton)
Predicting relative difficulty in the acquisition of 'new' and 'similar' phonemes in second language phonology: A case study of L2 Zürich German
11.30 Daniel Williams (Sheffield)
The role of phonetic and phonological variation in English listeners' perception of Dutch vowels
12.00 Toke Van Gehuchten (Minnesota)
Flemish dialects and their borders: A case study of "Vejels" and "Loois"
12.30 Lunch
Chair: Wini Davies
13.45 Roel Vismans (Sheffield)
'I have been properly brought up.' Changing forms of address among Dutch students and their (grand)parents
14.15 Gertrud Reershemius (Aston)
Humour in English and German academic researchpresentations
14.45 Melani Schröter (Reading)
Methodological adaptability and methodological challenges of discourse key word research
15.15 Afternoon tea/coffee
SESSION G Chair: Nils Langer
15.45 Kim Germeys (VU Brussel)
200 years of Dutch philology in Flanders: the interplay between academia, social struggle and national identity building
16.15 Els Belsack (VU Brussel)
Language planning in Europe during the long 19th century: The selection of the standard language in Norway and Flanders
16.45 Short break
17.00 PLENARY 2: Robert Howell (UW Madison)
On the Origin of the Urban Dialects of Holland 1250-1650: Are they New Town Koinés?
Chair: Roel Vismans
18.00 Closing session