Degree structure


Germanic Studies at Sheffield is a department of the School of Modern Languages and Linguistics (SOMLAL), which in turn is part of the Faculty of Arts. All our degree courses are modular. Each year is referred to as a Level, and is divided into two semesters.

In our Department, German can be studied on its own (Single Honours), as part of a Dual Honours degree, as a Major or a Minor element of the BA in Modern Languages, and as a Minor ('with-German') element in some other degrees. It may also be studied as a 'free' module in a degree in an unrelated subject. In addition, we offer Dutch in a variety of frameworks and an option in Luxembourgish (see 'Courses').

The Sheffield degree programme consists of a number of modules, each of which is worth either 20 or 10 credits. To gain an Honours degree involving German/Germanic Studies, you will need to obtain a total of 380 study credits, 120 for each year of the three years you spend in Sheffield and a further 40 for the Year Abroad.


At Level 1 most students study three subjects, taking modules to the value of 40 credits in each. Students registered for a Single Honours German degree would therefore take 40 credits in German and normally 40 in each of two other first year subjects, chosen from a wide list. Most Dual Honours students (unless otherwise instructed) are required to take 40 credits in each of their two main subjects, plus a further 40 chosen from the same wide list.

Our Department offers as 'free', 'third-subject' modules a 40-credit course in Dutch, and some attractive 10- and 20-credit options in German. But you would also able to take your uncommitted credits as modules from other Departments, either within or beyond Modern Languages.

It is not until the end of Level 1 (the First Year) that you are asked to make a final choice of the degree course you wish to follow. Most students stay with their original choice, but a minority change at this stage to a different programme, generally involving the third subject which they have taken at Level 1. Our system makes this straightforward. Such flexibility distinguishes Sheffield degrees from those at most other equivalent universities.