(Final Year German and History)

Sheffield´s excellent reputation, the flexibility of the course, and a `gut feeling that this is where I want to be´ when I visited, was enough to persuade me to come to Sheffield.

Sheffield itself is a great place to live, a student-friendly, safe city with so much to do that it´s hard to remember you are actually here to study. It certainly caters for all interests.

The Germanic Studies department is a friendly place to be with lecturers that are easily approachable, which leads to a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere for everyone. If problems arise, not just to do with your course but with any aspect of university life which is worrying you, then your assigned personal tutor will be there to help you.

The courses on offer in the department cover a wide range of interest areas including history, literature, film, linguistics and philosophy, which means you can really direct your degree into what interests you the most.

Aside from the academic study, the department is great socially. It has its own society, the Deutscher Verein, which organises nights out, coffee mornings, film showings, trips to Germany, you name it. There is a German speaking weekend in the Peak District and even the Sauerkraut Cup football tournament to get involved in.

The year abroad is one of the most nerve-racking but also most fantastic experiences of your course. You can go to university, get a work placement, or my choice, which was to work in a school as a teaching assistant.

Sheffield was certainly a choice well made and I do hugely recommend it.