Staff research interests

Prof Henk de Berg

  • History of ideas
  • Critical theory and social thought
  • 18th-20th century literature
  • Currently working on aspects of Kulturkritik

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Dr Caroline Bland

  • German social and cultural history, especially constructions of gender
  • Late 19th and early 20th century literature
  • Women's studies
  • Currently working on cultural construction of motherhood in the Kaiserreich

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Dr Kristine Horner

  • Language politics, policy and planning
  • Language ideologies and metalanguage
  • Discourse, representation and ideology
  • Social approaches to multilingualism
  • Migration, transnationalism and citizenship
  • Luxembourg studies

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Dr Henriette Louwerse

  • Multicultural literature in Dutch
  • Representations community in contemporary literature
  • Issues of interculturality
  • Literature in a media era

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Dr Caroline Pearce

  • Modern German political culture
  • German identity formation and the legacy of the Holocaust

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Prof Michael Perraudin

  • 19th century German literature and society
  • The decline and discrediting of Romanticism in the 1820s and 1830s
  • Literature and social politics in the decades leading up to the 1848 Revolution
  • German forms of early realism

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Dr Seán Williams

  • German and Comparative Literature from circa 1700 to the present day
  • The German eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, including literary, intellectual and cultural history
  • Theories of texts, paratexts (particularly prefaces), and of reading; authorship and print culture
  • German thinkers (Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche etc.)
  • Satire, irony and cliché (including ideas of Swissness)
  • Interdisciplinary concepts of aesthetic labour
  • "Characters" of culture (the hairdresser, the pedant, and so on).

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Dr Roel Vismans

  • Linguistics of Dutch
  • Second language acquisition

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Dr Giles Harrington

  • Post-1945 German culture and society
  • Popular culture and postmodern literature
  • Performativity and intertextuality

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Dr Sarah Pogoda

  • 20th-century German literature and architecture
  • Berlin as subject and object of German national identity, 19th–21st centuries
  • Political film and theatre in the Berliner Republik, especially Christoph Schlingensief

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Dr Nick Hodgin

  • East German cultural history and its legacy
  • German film (especially East German cinema and contemporary film)
  • Architecture and film
  • Visual culture
  • International documentary film
  • Trauma Studies

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Dr Anna P.H. Geurts

  • Travel in the 18th to 20th centuries
  • Egodocuments
  • Personal uses of space and time (mobility, domesticity, privacy, smell, sound, touch...)