Research Seminars and Events Germanic Studies

Save the dates for 2016/17

  • 2 November, PD Dr Thomas Schneider (Osnabrück)
  • 16 November, Dr Steffan Davies (Bristol)
  • 23 November, Marc Keller (Bern/Sheffield)
  • 7 December, Ben Lewis (Sheffield)
  • 1 March, Dr Carol Fehringer (Newcastle)
  • 15 March, Dr Georg Krawietz (DAAD)
  • 22 March, Prof. Henrike Lähnemann (Oxford)
  • 26 April, Dr Sarah Pogoda (Bangor)
  • 5 May, Luxembourg Studies Colloquium

Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016

Date & Venue Speaker/Event Title

Wed, 4 November 2015, 5pm, 
Humanities Research Institute

Professor Brigitta Busch (Vienna)

"Linguistic Repertoire and the lived experience of language"

Hosted by the Centre for Luxembourg Studies

Wed, 18 November 2015, 4pm, SR06,
Jessop West

Maude Williams (Université Paris-Sorbonne / Tübingen)

"Die Evakuierung der Bevölkerung der Grenzregion in Deutschland während des Zweiten Weltkrieges"

Wed, 25 November 2015, 4pm, SR04,
Jessop West

Dr Seán Williams (Sheffield: SLC / Germanic Studies)

"Hairdressing as a "Transdifferent" Technique? German Literary Examples from around 1800 and 2000"

Wed, 17 February 2016, 4pm, tbc

Professor Michael Gratzke (Hull)

"Love in the times of consumer capitalism. Intimacy in works by Gary Shteyngart, Leif Randt and Thomas Melle"

Wed, 17 February 2016, 4pm, tbc

Professor Mary Cosgrove (Warwick)

"Boredom in the Neoliberal Present: An Overview"

Wed, 16 March 2016, 4pm, tbc

Professor Ben Hutchinson (Kent)

"Late Reading: Erich Auerbach and the Spätboot of Comparative Literature"

Wed, 20 April 2016, 4pm tbc

Dr Kevin Hilliard (Oxford)

"Justice and judgement in the realist Novelle, 1786-1919"

Fri, 6 May 2016, 10:30am-3pm,
Humanities Research Institute

Luxembourg Studies Colloquium

Theme will be updated shortly

Hosted by the Centre for Luxembourg Studies

Wed, 25 May 2016, 4pm tbc

Dr Charlotte Steenbrugge (Sheffield: English) 

"Contrition in Medieval Dutch and English Drama"

Spring 2015

Date & Venue Speaker/Event Title

Wed, 25 February, 5.30pm, Humanities Research Centre

Ulrike Almut Sandig (Award-winning German Author)

Ulrike Sandig will read from and discuss her new novel Buch gegen das Verschwinden.

Wed, 4 March, 4pm, JW-SR07

Ellie Roberts (University of Sheffield) '“Ein neues, besseres Lied”: Heinrich Heine and the Rhine Crisis'

Wed, 12 March, 4pm, HRI
With the support of the Centre for Luxembourg Studies

Joanna Kremer and Abigail Taylor (University of Sheffield) 'Intersections between Policy and Practice in Europe'

Wed, 18 March, 6 pm, JW G.03
Jointly organised with the Centre for Dutch Studies and the Centre for Poetry and Poetics

World Poetry

Maud Vanhauwaert
Agnes Lehoczky
Isaac Xubin

Three poets read from their work in their mother tongue (Dutch, Hungarian and Galician) and in English. Free event, refreshments provided.

Thurs, 19 March, Showroom/Workstation,
6.30 doors
Jointly organised with the Centre for Dutch Studies and the Association for Low Countries Studies 

Closer to Low Countries Culture

Performance, film and poetry by artists from the Netherlands and Flanders. 

Full programme of events

23 and 24 March, from 9.45, Jessop West Exhibition Space and HRI
An Intellectual History & Politics Cluster Event

Tzvetan Todorov: An international Colloquium 

Co-organised by Professor Henk de Berg
Full programme

Wed, 22 April, 4.15pm, JB -SR215 Geraldine Horan (University College London) 'Kölsch'

Thursday 30 April, 6pm. Showroom Cinema
With Philosophy at the Showroom and the Centre for Dutch Studies

Henriette Louwerse (University of Sheffield)

'Running along together: Representation of Community in Diederick Koopal's film De Marathon'

A showing of The Marathon (2012) will be followed by a talk and discussion. Sponsored by the Netherlands Embassy in London

Fri, 8 May, 11am-5pm; venue: Jessop West, Exhibition Space
Organised by the Centre for Luxembourg Studies, with the support of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities
Twentieth Anniversary of the Centre for Luxembourg Studies

Multilingual Encounters and ‘New Speakers’ of Luxembourgish'

Full programme of events

Fri, 15 May, Firth Court, Council Room Opening of the Prokhorov Centre  Festive opening of the Prokhorov Centre for the Study of Central and Eastern European Intellectual and Cultural History

Mon, !8 May, 1.30-6.30pm, venue TBC
Organised by the Centre for Gender Studies in Europe and the School of Languages and Cultures

Gender and European History Colloquium With Laura Doan (University of Manchester), Claire McCallum (University of Exeter), and Imogen Long University of Hull)