Katherine Calvert

Katherine CalvertPostgraduate Tutor for German

email: kecalvert1@sheffield.ac.uk

I am a postgraduate research student in Germanic Studies. My research explores motherhood as a prominent theme in popular fictional and feminist political writing of the Weimar Republic. Drawing on psychoanalytic and feminist literary theory, my PhD aims to analyse the nature of the perceived opposition between Weimar ‘new women’ and mothering, and provide fresh insights into the ways in which women negotiated the boundaries between their private and public lives during this period.

My research is funded by the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities (AHRC studentship).

I completed my BA (Hons) in French and German Studies at the University of Warwick before undertaking a Master of Research degree in German and Comparative Literature at King’s College London, funded by the King’s Masters Scholarship and for which I was awarded the University of London Jethro Bithell Prize. My Masters dissertation examined the portrayal of gendered processes of identity construction in three contemporary, semi-autobiographical novels by multilingual female authors.

Prior to moving to Sheffield to begin my PhD, I spent two years working in a professional services role at King’s College London.


  • GER105/106 Germanic Studies: Texts and Contexts
  • GER263 German Culture and Ideas