Cydney Sturgess

Cyd SturgessPostgraduate Research Student (Wolfson Scholar)

I completed my undergraduate degree in German with Dutch at the University of Sheffield in 2012, which was followed by a Masters in Germanic Studies funded by the AHRC. My Master’s dissertation focused on depictions of female masculinity in Weimar fiction and the distinctions between gendered representations of lesbian and New Woman protagonists.

As a continuation of the work I completed during my MA, my PhD thesis investigates cultural constructions of lesbian identity in Germany and the Netherlands in the two decades after 1918, exploring particularly how sexological discourses shaped the construction of lesbian identities and promoted the subversion of gender norms. My research is jointly supervised by Dr Caroline Bland and Dr Henriette Louwerse from the Department of Germanic Studies and Dr Adrian Bingham from the Department of History, and is funded by the Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship in the Humanities.

My other research interests include the history of sexology, literary constructions of gender and sexuality, and early twentieth-century German and Dutch history.

Outside of the University I co-run queer events, visual displays and performances together with various women’s charities, feminist groups and LGBT+ organisations in Sheffield. I am currently working on a video project with E.D.E.N film productions entitled ‘Trashing Transphobia’ and my recent work on gender and sexuality for the project The Image Speaks can be found here. A short film of this event can be found here.


GER314 Literature in Dutch II
MDL6006 From Feminism to Gender Studies: Key Texts and Contexts


Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-2017)
SLC Postgraduate Taught Prize for Overall Achievement (2013)
Arts & Humanities Faculty Masters Scholarship (2012)
Münster Prize (2012)

Professional Activities

I am the Postgraduate Representative for Women in German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland.


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