Hairdressing and Healthcare in Contemporary Cancer Narratives

Seán Williams is collaborating with Associate Professor Kari Nyheim Solbraekke at the University of Oslo's Institute of Health and Society, on a project generously funded by the Wellcome Trust. The collaboration begins with a seminar at Oslo’s Centre for Gender Research in late September 2016.

Wellcome logoIn January 2016, Seán had visited the Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo, initiating discussions that led to this collaborative research. In spring 2017, Kari will visit Sheffield. Seán identified trends in novels, best-selling memoirs, films and TV shows in English, Dutch and Danish concerning wig-wearing, cancer survivorship and self-management during illness (and specifically, chemotherapy) – trends of cultural representation that can be in stark contrast to empirical experience. This work emerged from considerations of the wigmaker for his book in progress on the cultural history of the hairdresser. Kari is incoming Head of the Board at the University of Oslo’s Centre for Gender Research and also heads up the Oslo research group ‘Society, Health and Power’. She has an established record of published works on medical sociology, and on cancer survivorship in particular.

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