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German and Germanic Studies for undergraduates

German and the other Germanic languages, and the nations that speak them, are centred in the very heart of Europe. The ideas and cultures that originate there are some of the most influential on Earth.

Study with us and you'll become a fluent speaker of German and, if you wish, other Germanic tongues, too. But Germanic Studies at Sheffield isn't just a language factory. It's about grasping this core of thought and history that informs Germanic identities. It's about understanding the societies and living the cultures of 100 million European people. It's about enriching your vision of the world.

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What we do is all about you

Sheffield's not a university where the top academics never get their hands dirty. You'll be taught by the best – so you'll become the best. And we're a section where staff and students work closely together, as members of the same team.

Our students are at the centre of everything we do. Join us and you won't just be a number on an exam paper. You won't be an anonymous customer or a box to be ticked. You'll be someone we value and know by name. You'll get close support from your personal tutor and belong to a community that learns together (and enjoys a sparkling social life together afterwards). You'll be right at the heart of our project, contributing to our research and the daily life of the section.

Your course: flexible and unique

 As a section we're small enough to be personal, but big enough to be versatile. So we can offer you a choice of three languages, and the scope to choose from a wide range of other subjects.

As well as German, we're one of very few British universities offering a degree in Dutch. And we're the only university in the world offering undergraduate degrees in Luxembourg Studies as well as modules in Luxembourgish language and culture.

You can mix and match modules about language, culture, literature, politics, history, philosophy and film to design your own degree. You can add languages taught by other departments, such as Czech or Portuguese. Or you can study German alongside another non-language subject, from archaeology to mechanical engineering.

Because you choose what to concentrate on, it'll be a degree that suits your own interests perfectly. It'll complement your strengths and it'll be completely unique. And it's another thing to help you stand out in the jobs market.

Structure of our course

Beyond the seminar

Join us and you'll have the chance to take part in a whole range of inspiring activities away from your regular learning.

You could play in the Sauerkraut Cup – a football tournament contested annually by Germanic students from across the UK. Or join our mixed netball team.

Become a member of our Deutscher Verein, our active Student Society.  

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Your year abroad: the chance of a lifetime

If you study with us you'll spend your third year living and learning in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium and/or the Netherlands. You'll be using and developing your language skills every day. So you'll make huge strides forward in your understanding. And you'll come back full of confidence, just in time for the start of your final year.

But it's far more than that. You'll get a real grasp of the culture you're studying. You'll build life skills and independence. You'll make friends and see incredible sights. You'll come back with a rucksack stuffed with a thousand stories. You'll have experiences that'll stay with you forever.