Your Degree Programme: Beginners' German

First Year

In First Year (Level One), you’ll have a course of seven hours’ teaching a week in two strands. You’ll follow a language programme of five weekly hours’ teaching plus private study, which will rapidly and intensively develop your German.

At the same time, you’ll follow a German Studies course consisting of a weekly lecture on German culture, literature, philosophy and film, which you’ll share with our post-A level students, as well as a weekly small-group tutorial seminar. This lets you discuss and analyse the topics of the lectures and also study the outlines of modern German history and politics.

Second Year

The Second-Year language programme builds on the previous year’s work with four hours a week of teaching, plus plenty of private study, designed to enable you to speak, write, read and understand German with significant fluency. It will also focus strongly on the language you’ll need on your German year or semester abroad.

At the same time, you’ll take German content courses. You’ll take two compulsory courses: Politik und Medien in Semester 1 and Kultur / Literatur / Ideen / Film in Semester 2. Besides these, you’ll normally take two or more other content options together with students from the post-A level strand.

Year Abroad

You will spend the full year or 5 months in Germany or another German-speaking country. You can choose between study at a German-speaking university, a commercial internship and a teaching assistantship.

After the Year Abroad, you are able to integrate fully with your fellow students on the post-A level strand. By that stage, you can’t tell the difference between post A-Level or Beginners' German students. 

Fourth Year

In Final Year (Level Three), you’ll take an advanced language programme (three hours a week) with a core grammar and writing element and an optional element where you select between translation, public speaking and other skills.

In addition, you’ll choose a prescribed number of our large range of advanced academic options, in German literature, thought, politics, history and linguistics.

Students in German traditional wearAt all stages in the degree programme you’ll be a fully fledged member of our Germanic Studies community, joining in all our social and academic activities on exactly the same basis as everyone else.

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