Which degree programme suits you?

At Sheffield, we offer you chances that you won’t get elsewhere. We have an exceptionally broad array of options for studying German, with specialist modules in literature, film, politics, history, philosophy, linguistics and language study.

You can study with us if you already have an A-Level in German or if you want to take up German from scratch. 

In addition you can follow our Dutch Studies courses, which are among the best in the UK. We are also the only university in the world to offer Luxembourg Studies at undergraduate level.

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You can study German as part of various Degree Programmes:

Single Honours

The Germanic Studies Single Honours course lets you perfect your German language skills while exploring German history, society and culture really extensively. This degree is open to Post A-level student and to German Beginners. You can also take the form of a Major in German with a Minor in one of several lesser-taught languages such as Dutch, Luxembourgish,

Dual Honours

If you choose to divide your time between German and another main subject, you are looking for a Dual Honours degree. You can combine German with another major European language or take a subject from outside the School of Languages, such as English, History, Music, Economics, Politics, Business Management and several others. 

BA Modern Languages

You also have the option of taking German as part of the BA in Modern Languages. This is an intensively language-focused programme which will give you fluency in three languages.

German can be your 1st, 2nd or 3rd language; Dutch and Luxembourgish can be your 2nd or 3rd language, so either 1/3 or 1/6 of your degree.

Full overview of all degree combinations with German

Study your languages from scratch?

However you choose to study with us, you can also start any of your Germanic languages from scratch. Most of our students of German come to us post-A-level, but we also offer a beginners' and post GCSE German pathway designed to bring students up to the same level as our other learners by the start of Final Year. Our outstandingly popular Dutch and Luxembourgish courses begin ab initio for most students; but if you have prior knowledge of these languages, we have courses to cater for your level of expertise. In addition, you can explore other new languages offered in the School, such as Czech, Polish and Portuguese.

More about Beginner's German

Entry requirements

For all information about entry requirements, including our typical offer for single and dual honours courses, required subjects and the number of A levels required, please consult our prospectus. 

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  • Interview required in special cases
  • Equivalent qualifications are welcomed
  • Applications from mature students and international students are welcomed
  • General Studies is accepted

How to apply to the University of Sheffield

'And' and 'with' degrees

'And' degrees - for example German and Philosophy - usually involve a 50/50 split between the two subjects. However, many of our 'and' degrees can now be studied as a flexible dual, allowing you to study more credits in either one of your subjects, you simply decide when you select your modules.

More about Combined Honours

'With' degrees - for example German with Dutch - let you choose a ‘Major’ and ‘Minor’ focus. The first subject (German) is the Major part of your degree and the second subject (e.g. Dutch) the Minor. The split is 66% Major and 33% Minor.

More about Dutch Studies

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