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Luxembourg Studies

If you are fascinated by all things multilingual and multicultural, Luxembourg is for you.

Geographically, politically and culturally, Luxembourg sits at the heart of Western Europe: Luxembourg City is one of the three capitals of the EU and the vast majority of people are multilingual, with many speaking French, German and Luxembourgish. The country also offers breath-taking scenery, fairytale castles and a wealth of culture.

To understand Luxembourg is to understand a little about Europe itself, and speaking Luxembourgish can't fail to mark you out in the graduate world. Meanwhile, the country's tumultuous history and varied culture make for fascinating fields of academic study.

Luxembourg Old CityThe only place to come for Luxembourg Studies

Outside of Luxembourg itself, Sheffield is the international centre for Luxembourg Studies; we are the only university in the world to offer degrees in the subject at undergraduate level. We are also the only university in the world where you can learn the Luxembourgish language from scratch.

So, it won't surprise you that Luxembourg Studies is an integral part of the Department of Germanic Studies. Reflecting the multilingual status of the country, we also form part of French Studies.

Our courses are made up of two key areas: Luxembourgish language and culture, and multilingualism. Starting from scratch, you will be given the tools to learn the language quickly while exploring Luxembourgish in its social context. You will also be given the chance to practise speaking Luxembourgish on a regular basis with our native language assistant.

Annual trip

Every year our students are invited to join our trip to Luxembourg, giving you the chance to learn about the country first hand and put your language skills into practice.

View photos from the 2014 trip

View photos from the 2013 trip

View photos from the 2012 trip

View photos from the 2011 trip

How can I study Luxembourg Studies at Sheffield?

Honours degree with German or French

If you would like to make Luxembourg Studies part of your Honours degree, you can take German or French with Luxembourg Studies. Here you will spend 1/3 of your time on Luxembourg Studies and 2/3 on either German or French.

As free credits

You can study Luxembourgish or multilingualism as free credits with other degrees, including German or French (apart from German/French with Luxembourg Studies). This option lets you spend part or all of your year abroad in Luxembourg.

As part of a BA Modern Languages

You can also study Luxembourgish as minor component of a BA Modern Languages. This means that you are not required to spend a semester in Luxembourg, although you can still go on our annual trip.

As part of the Combined Honours - Triple

You can study Luxembourgish along with two other subjects (at least one non-language subject) as part of the Combined Honours - Triple course. Click here for more information.

Luxembourg links at home and abroad

Our links with the Université du Luxembourg will help you develop an authentic understanding of Luxembourgish language and culture, both in Sheffield and on your year abroad.

You have the opportunity to study at the university as part of your year abroad, and here in Sheffield we also host Luxembourgish students. You will also be in regular contact with a native Luxembourgish speaker in your conversation classes.

On your year abroad you can also arrange a work placement. The University of Sheffield has links to KPMG Luxembourg and to the Ministry of Culture, Higher Education and Research in Luxembourg.


To find out more about Luxembourg Studies please get in touch with Dr Kristine Horner.