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Your Year Abroad

You will spend the third year of your course abroad. Depending on your course, you will have the option of going to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg.

This is a unique chance for you to sample the freedom of life abroad, together with the security of having the support of the University. And the best thing is that your language use will come on in leaps and bounds. You will be putting your skills into practice with native speakers and developing your fluency on a daily basis.

But this year isn't just about language: you will discover a different culture, develop life skills and gain an international perspective. Your year abroad experience is one you are likely to remember for ever, and it can help you make important choices about your adult life.

You can use your time to gain professional experience which informs your career choice. Alternatively, you can teach English, do voluntary work or follow a university course.

Even today, relatively few British people seek out or accept the chance to live abroad. This year is an unforgettable experience, but it will also show the graduate world that you are open to possibilities, can overcome challenges and thrive in new environments.

Degrees with one language

If you are studying one language on its own, or combining it with a non-language subject as part of a Dual Honours degree, you will spend your full academic year in a country where your language is spoken.

Degrees with two languages

If you are studying German, Dutch or Luxembourgish alongside another language, you may divide your time equally between two countries where your languages are spoken.

BA Modern Languages

If you study three languages as part of a BA Modern Languages, you will divide the time between two countries where your 'major' languages are spoken. You won't spend a semester in the country of your 'minor' language, but there are a number of summer courses available.

Year Abroad assessment

Your year abroad will be assessed depending on your degree course and what you activity you choose to do. The assessment will consist of one - or a combination of - a oral examination or marks from modules studied at your placement university.