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Your regular gift to the University will make a huge difference. You’ll help provide scholarships for disadvantaged students, fund our pioneering research and help all students fulfil their potential.

Group photo of School of English students

Make your regular gift

When you make a regular gift, you’ll join over 1,600 other regular donors. Your gifts really will add up to change lives through education. 

  • £5 per month will help a student to join a society, when they’d struggle to afford it otherwise - giving them the chance to make friends and learn new skills.

  • £10 per month will help fund a scholarship for a student from a disadvantaged background - that could be the difference between them coming to university or not.

  • £20 per month will help further research into diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease - helping patients through new treatments.

Salma Ghafoor, Medicine student in the Information Commons

I’m so grateful to everyone who donates. Knowing that there are people that believe in me and want me to achieve is truly heart-warming. Thank you so much!

Salma Ghafoor

Medical student and scholarship recipient

However much you choose to give, by making a gift to the ‘areas of greatest need’ you’ll help all of these important areas:

  • Scholarships 
    Opening up the doors of the University to all students, regardless of their financial or personal circumstances.

  • Research
    Finding real-world solutions to pressing global challenges.

  • Student experience
    Providing activities and opportunities to students throughout their time at university.

If you prefer, you can also direct your gift towards a particular area. We want to ensure that your donation is supporting a cause close to your heart.

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What you need to know

  • You can give monthly, quarterly or annually by Direct Debit. 
  • As the University is a charity (exempt charity X 1089) you can also claim Gift Aid if you’re eligible.

Make your regular gift